Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recent history – executive summary.

There are 4 principal presidents that presided over and pushed this country over the edge.

Woodrow Wilson (FED, IRS, League of Nations), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Who made communism ok and was the first democratically elected Fascist), LBJ (who decided we could have Guns, i.e Vietnam and Butter :created govt jobs for the unemployable by expanding the welfare state and all of its agencies) and Barack Hussein Obama (who will preside over the collapse with the gutting of the economy and expanding beyond LBJ's vision with Obamacare and everything else he can do that follows the Cloward-Piven model.)

The Bushes (41, 43) are the willing accomplices and in many ways did far more damage to this nation because they were trojan horses. (Personally I think Bush 43 was worse than LBJ because LBJ was at least transparent about his new deal beliefs). Bush 41 only got elected becuase he was Reagan's third term. That blue blood Rockefeller republican is nothing but a NWO progressive who, with his thousand points of light bullshit, help to destroy any semblance of principle in the republican party. (I'm ashamed that my alma mater hosts his Library) and it galls me that he call himself a Texan. He is a Yankee Blue Blood Carpetbagging NWO POS

Worse is his Faux conservative George 43 who is a progressive who lied about his conservative roots by putting on boots and throwing a few pitches out in Dallas. He doubled the DEBT on his watch and deserted core principles at the counsel of his stooge Rove and became Demo Lite. Bush prostituted himself with the Meidcare part D (which now has a higher liability than freaking Medicare itself). Bush bankrupted this country by the engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan and fed the authoritarian monster that is the police state. He gave Obama everyhing he needed to complete the destruction.

The Bushes are worse in my opinion because at least the Dems act like Dems. The Bushes sold this country out far more. Obama has an excuse, he is American by birth but not by identification. Frank Marshall Davis saw to that.

We are screwed and all of this [these] POS's had a hand in it.

Comment by Einsilverguy on "Peter Schiff: Debt And Taxes." Submitted by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 3/22/14.

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