Friday, December 26, 2014

A Request For My Readers

Polymath, “a novel of the American Renaissance,” is complete in first draft.
I need a test reader for it. Perhaps two or three.
Any volunteers?


FrozenPatriot said...

Hi Fran,

I'd be honored. I have a keen eye for editing hiccups, enjoy math (and will forgive you if the book isn't actually focussed on it...), and pine for a healthy Renaissance. I also have some vacation time to burn in the next week and will have some free time.

FrozenPatriot said...

I realized soon after dispatching my last that I provided no return address. My apologies.

My alter-ego goes by Chris Baird and can be reached at

GamegetterII said...

I would gladly read the draft. I've been an avid reader since I was a little kid,got straight A's in high school and college English and creative writing classes.

Karen Myers said...

I would be happy to help as alpha or beta reader.

Writer of fantasy & scifi for 50 years, reader of same as well as crime/thriller/mystery, adventure/western, historical/romance.

Credential: ebooks on ereader now exceed 2000 (after 3 years).

Francis W. Porretto said...

Thank you, Karen. How about an email address?

1104wrhmr6r said...

I'd be tickled to be a test reader if you still need a volunteer.


1104wrhmr6r said...

I would love to help if you need another volunteer.


Unknown said...

If you still have room, I'd love to review it.
Dean Kling

igor said...

I volunteer:

GamegetterII said...

Nice work,an excellent piece of writing !
Fast read,flows nicely,only noticed two spelling/editing errors.

Pg 16- Toddinside instead of the two words-Todd inside
Pg 26- reads hims elf rather than himself.

For whatever reason,I tend to notice mispelled words-or mistakes like the two I caught.

Pascal said...


GamegetterII said...

Two things I forgot in my comment on the draft-what's with the pulled the car in and set the parking brake? No one uses parking brakes unless they live on a steep hill and/or drive a stick shift.

The other is your choice of drug in that sequence of events-just a suggestion-find something else-what you used would not be capable of what you describe.

Francis W. Porretto said...

1. Maybe no one sets parking brakes in your neighborhood, but anyone who failed to do so in continental NY would be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

2. What drug? Demerol? I assure you, it's had exactly that effect on someone of my personal acquaintance.

GamegetterII said...

I haven't seen anyone set a parking brake in years anywhere between Cleveland Ohio,and Spring Hill Fl.

Must be a NY thing.

Yes,Demerol,and yes it can have the exact effect you describe on a person-but it could not be given in a high enough dose the way you describe-that would take a very large quantity-not a small vial.
The only narcotic capable of working as you describe,ingested as you describe would be fentanyl.

I've been through hell with extensive orthopedic surgeries to a leg and have 4 bad discs in my lower back-which is where I acquired my knowledge of narcotic pain medications-I've been on every one known to man at one point or another,and am well aware of strengths and dosages.

Not trying to criticize-just trying to help make the event in book more realistic.
The reaction is right-it's just not going to happen with Demerol ingested in that manner-please just take a few minutes and research the dosages and effects of the 2 drugs-then hopefully,you will see my point.

If you go to,and look at the pics on left side of page-you will see the device I had on my leg for 2 years-believe me,I learned all I ever want to know about narcotics in that 2 years.

Francis W. Porretto said...

(chuckle) Okay, I'll make it fentanyl. I don't have any pharmacological prejudices!

GamegetterII said...

Thanks !
Like I said,just trying to help,to make it more realistic.
Fentanyl is dosed in micrograms,Demerol is dosed in miligrams.

And I hope I never have to take either one of them ever again!

Anonymous said...

well if Grandpa wasn't so busy at the holy days and etc., blah blah blah... I've been reading your stuff, and Cherryh, and Herbert, (Frank, not his progeny) Bradbury, Heinlein, Card,.Burroughs, Howard... you get my drift... since I was a young lad, and you'd be honored to have me peruse, pick, and parse your latest... I can make time, brother Fran. I do have to finish another AR build for the new year, and it won't replace Bible study, but if you want me to -