Sunday, December 28, 2014

Failed execution.

Read this article and watch the video above, which is the same one found at the link.

The video shows an ambush on August 29, 2013, of an Oregon State Trooper that went wrong. For the ambusher.

The way the attacker set up his car on the line rather than way off the road to maximize the chance of catching the officer exiting his vehicle without the cover of the officer's vehicle, the attacker's immediate, aggressive exit from his vehicle, his poised stance, his purposefully intended distracting questions the answers to which he knew before he pulled over, his Army fatigues used to lull suspicion even though he'd been discharged from the Army Reserve the previous year, the immediate and aggressive movement to contact, and the use of deadly force when the offense was minor and the officer correct and professional all rule out any interpretation of this other than that it was a deliberate attempt to lure a police officer into stopping the attacker for the purpose of killing the officer.

A former police officer's take on the incident here.

For 25 points extra credit, compare and contrast the confrontation between Officer Wilson and Michael Brown in Fergudishu, Missouri.


Another failed assassination attempt on a cop here.

A successful assassination attempt on two cops here.

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