Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It’s On: No Longer Just My Mad Notion

Think ol’ Curmudgeon Emeritus Fran has gone a bit overboard about the race war he considers to be in motion? Well, have you considered the opinions of this state senator? Have you asked for the sentiments of the Bosnian-Americans of St. Louis, Missouri? And what about this charming fellow:

Do his opinions carry any weight?

I don’t think it’s safe to laugh all of that off, Gentle Reader. Do you?

We approach a critical mass.

You cannot repeatedly dispense the most inflammatory, divisive imaginable rhetoric at a demographic without inflaming that group to violence. Indeed, the relentless exhortations to hatred of whites by blacks has reached such an intensity – now reinforced and amplified by subtle encouragements from the White House itself! – that the greatest wonder of the current situation is that white neighborhoods nationwide are not yet under open, armed attack by mobs of angry blacks.

Wait a moment. Let me check that. They’re not, are they? I mean, given the propensity of the Main Stream Media for reflexively suppressing such news... but no. Surely I would have heard about it some other way. The sound of gunfire travels very well.

American whites approach their own, far less well publicized critical mass. Many, especially in racially mixed regions of the country, are making ready: stuffing their pantries to bursting, checking the guns and laying in stocks of ammunition, and quietly conferring with their neighbors to ensure that their communities are prepared to react effectively should the chaos come their way. But should that occur, don’t bet on whites simply defending their homes and neighborhoods from the assault and then going back to their peaceable ways.

Will these critical masses form? They can still be headed off. Whether the steps necessary to avert calamity will be taken is uncertain. Indications to this point suggest that they won’t be:

  • No public figure has yet demanded a stern response to the disorder.
  • The National Guard has been deployed only after-the-fact, and to trivial effect.
  • Firm suppressive measures (e.g., water cannons) have not been employed against embryonic riots.
  • Police have actually tried to disperse – even arrest – armed private-citizen guardians of potential targets.
  • The racial patterns in “knockout game” attacks, recent events such as the murder of Zemir Begic, and violent crime generally continue to be suppressed.

A plague of civil disorder can only be quelled by harsh measures. Indeed, they must be so harsh that even a slight possibility of being subjected to one will outweigh the pleasures of violence and the potential gains from looting. If such measures are not undertaken and applied remorselessly, the violence and looting will continue and increase, in obedience to their own internal dynamic. Race riots are not an exception to this rule.

Draw your own conclusions.

We met on the beach amid rumours of war
Your head in your hand, what you saw you won't say
As the newspapers flew in the wind.
I can see you're one of that kind
Who carry around a time bomb in their mind, no one knows
When you'll slip the pin.

Rumours of war...rumours of war.

I see that your dress is torn at the edge
You are lost, intense, like a man on a ledge, waiting to jump
As the waves break over the shore.
You say there's a storm that can't be delayed
And lately it seems to be coming this way, you can hear it break
Like the slam of a door.

Rumours of war...rumours of war.

You tell me, just look all around
At the past and the present, the cross and the crescent
The signs and the planets are lining up like before.
There are souls on fire in the day and the night
On the left and the right, in the black and the white
You can see it burn in the eyes of the rich and the poor.

Rumours of war...rumours of war.

[Alasdair Ian Stewart]

You cannot do wrong without suffering wrong. Justice is not postponed...Every secret is told, every crime is punished, every virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed, in silence and certainty.

[Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation]

If you’ve never seen me mention the vigilance committees of the latter Nineteenth-Century West, here’s your chance to acquaint yourself with them. They formed in response to public perceptions that the “authorities” were unable to do their proper jobs or were uninterested in doing them. Though they’ve been given a bad rap by sententious historians eager to ingratiate themselves with political power, they appear to have functioned at least as well as any “public” system of justice has ever functioned.

The vigilance committees were usually stimulated by breakdowns in the public peace far milder than an epidemic of race riots. Granted that I speak here of the pre-statehood West, whose population tended to be far more individualistic and assertive than the contemporary American populace; all the same, there is a tipping point somewhere. We might not determine its location without passing through it, after which all the theoretical questions will once again be matters for the historians.

It’s an unfortunate but irrefutable fact that the sole generally satisfactory agency for maintaining order within a cohesive demographic, whether the unifying factor is race or anything else, is that demographic’s own, internalized set of morals and ethics. If the demographic fails to enforce those morals and ethics upon those who flout them, there will be a corrective response from outside the demographic. If the demographic goes further, by not merely refusing to discipline its lawbreakers but affirmatively shielding them from correction, a violent us-versus-them confrontation becomes inevitable.

Of one thing we may be sure: every debt is paid. The social debt currently accruing, owing to blacks’ unwillingness to silence the racialist hucksters inciting violence and to discipline their own unruly elements (or to have others discipline them), will be paid. The sole questions are who will pay it, and when.

This law writes the laws of cities and nations. It is in vain to build or plot or combine against it. Things refuse to be mismanaged long. Res nolunt diu male administrari. Though no checks to a new evil appear, the checks exist, and will appear. If the government is cruel, the governor's life is not safe. If you tax too high, the revenue will yield nothing. If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will not convict. If the law is too mild, private vengeance comes in.

[Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation]

Verbum sat sapienti.

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WiseCaveOwl said...

where I live, we suffer from a shortage of YBM's, hence also a shortage of Whites being robbed, raped, face-smashed, and murdered. Local Hispanic 'bangers in Sanctuary City are trying to fill the gap, but so far no joy. In all candor, I wish to get at that urban, ostensibly white Tribe which grooms/officers both the Black and Brown Brigades, and speak to them in a language they can understand. Even here, I fear frustration...because, when the boister goes universal, the Blacks/Browns will quickly turn on each other and on their Tribal Masters. Perhaps, indeed, a Higher Justice

A Texan said...

I am a white, law-abiding, citizen. I grew up in the Northeast and was a child during the 60s riots - so I remember nothing much about them except for 3 days of burning cities after MLK was murdered. Oh, and the fact that my folks bought several guns because of riots in nearby cities. I was not raised to be a political liberal in any way, but was firmly told that no one is good or bad because of their color or where their ancestors came from. I don't have any black friends, but I've never had any problems with any individual blacks, either. I have only been the victim of a couple of property crimes, the most traumatic being my car being stolen twice when I lived too close to Newark, NJ (and I believe that the perps were black, but couldn't possibly prove it - and either way, it was just property).

Soooo, I approach life from the viewpoint that we are responsible for ourselves, no matter our racial/ethnic background. I understand very well how blacks must, on many occasions, feel like their skin is the Mark of Cain - and I greatly sympathize because there has been and remains prejudice against blacks; also, there have been and continue to be SOME cases of bad actions by police against blacks because the victims were/are black. BUT, I also believe that blacks as a group (and I HATE to group people, but sometimes you must) need to have a significant attitude change. Teaching your kids to hate Whitey...is not OK. Teaching your kids how to expect everyone else in society (AKA, the "suckers") to give you what you "deserve" when, in fact, you deserve exactly NOTHING from the rest of society...is not OK. Rioting and looting - with its resultant physical, financal and emotional damage inflicted upon innocents (often, ironically and tragically from the same racial and physical community)...is NOT OK. What the black community in this country needs is leaders who help foster pride based on things like honesty, hard work and achievement. It needs leaders who will help restore the nuclear family to the mainstream - because no one of ANY background is better off in a broken household than in one with 2 parents that care for each other and their joint children. Finally, and more relevant to the current discussion, it needs leaders who will stop making excuses for thugs just because they share a skin color, and who will tell people that it is not OK to rob convenience stores or assault police officers - oh, and btw, that police officers in general are worthy of respect and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Change those bad attitudes and much of the prejudice will disappear (and both will take a long time). Change those attitudes and the black community will benefit enormously - as will the rest of the country, by adding a few million productive and honest citizens. BUT, if the present trend continues, as you've mentioned repeatedly, we're headed for a huge watershed moment...and that will not go well for the black community. That isn't a threat from me, any more than it is from you - it is a statement of fact. Because (and I don't remember if I read it here or elsewhere) when blacks get angry, cities burn - and when whites get angry, continents burn. Whites are just better at coordinated destruction. That's not a particularly warm and fuzzy characteristic, mind you, but it is a fact. It is also a fact that substantially more semi-auto rifles are owned by whites than by blacks, and by a significantly greater ration than the 5:1 ratio of our respective populations in this country. Additionally, blacks lack interior lines of communication - they are mostly located in coastal cities or in the northern Midwest and the South - with the middle of the country being largely a white bastion. Looking at it from a military P.O.V., blacks have no chance at winning the race war that some of their "leaders" seem to want.

Anonymous said...

"Of one thing we may be sure: every debt is paid. The social debt currently accruing, owing to blacks’ unwillingness to silence the racialist hucksters inciting violence and to discipline their own unruly elements (or to have others discipline them), will be paid. The sole questions are who will pay it, and when."

I submit that Natalie Dubose has made one of the early payments. I have zero sympathy for her until it is proven that she 1) has been speaking out against the race baiters (the Rev's et al) and 2) has not voted into office many times the pols that support/defend/allow the race baiters to have a platform.

Anonymous said...

No one who really understands what will likely happen wants a race war. And no one will "win" it, either, we will all lose. Grandpa can tell you, however, the race of people who will be still alive and viable when the dust settles and the cordite and gunpowder clear... Grandpa does have black people he is cordial and friendly with, and they are well spoken, reasonably intelligent, and kind. Grandpa also knows some good Hispanic folks. And he also knows some assclowns of each color.
The assclowns will face the Darwinian theory test first, but will likely expire from high speed long range lead poisoning....