Sunday, December 21, 2014

Plain Speaking Dept.

Sometimes, there’s simply nothing for me to add:

I didn't do one of these today, but in light of the murder of two NYPD officers, Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, I thought I'd bring up one quick concept that too many people tend to forget or understandably shy away from.

This is what they do.

The political left in this country is comprised primarily of people who have a background as, or the mindset of, "community organizers". The job of a community organizer is to make things worse. They are the ones throwing gasoline on the fire and rubbing salt in the wounds. Their job is to sew turmoil, discord and hate. They work to prevent accord from being reached, to end cooperation between peoples and to head off agreement. They are professional shit stirrers.


Ideologically, their reason is to destroy western civilization so that it can be replaced with a collectivist Utopia. That's great and all, but it's kind of fuzzy. Personally, however, their motivation is pure personal profit. There's not a single one of these sons of bitches that doesn't get rich ripping the scabs off of wounds, and in that lies the ultimate irony. They decry the capitalist and free marketeer as promoting a system based upon the assumption that people act from in own self interest, while at the same time demonstrating all of the traits that they condemn, proving that the capitalist was right in the first place. Human nature is human nature. None of this should surprise anyone who is a student of history, yet somehow it always does.

A peaceful, prosperous community or nation does not need community organizers. Community organizers, on the other hand, can't function in a peaceful, prosperous nation, so they are always, ALWAYS, striving to destroy it.

None of this is new, or surprising. We just need to remember who these people are.



Anonymous said...

It is long-standing Leftist practice to co-opt right-wing arguments in order to corrupt them and thereby discredit them.

I believe that we are witnessing this with the Leftist response to the Brown and Garner killings.

I believe that Leftists in high places were very aware of conservative and libertarian blowback to the spread of a militarized police-state in America. Anger was becoming palpable with regard to an increasing number of unconstitutional police actions, individual acts of extreme and unwarranted police brutality, and the intensity of the "Only Ones" mentality among law enforcement.

When the incremental implementation of a militarized police state is a necessary part of your overall plan; it won't do to have too much resistance to it in the early stages. So, they must discredit that resistance by co-opting and radically perverting it.

Now, legitimate resistance to unconstitutional police power and a growing police state will become associated with the unreasoning hatred of communist-backed protesters, racial grievance-mongers, and, now, unprovoked cop-murderers.

Leftists may be stupid, they may be crazy, or they may be evil; but there's no denying that they are crafty, devious, and cunning. Especially when it comes to shaping public perception. They have the ability to do this, and they have no moral compunctions.

angrymike said...

I've got nothing, after what anon said, he hit the nail on the head.........

Dr.D said...

"Ideologically, their reason is to destroy western civilization so that it can be replaced with a collectivist Utopia. That's great and all, but it's kind of fuzzy."

No, it is not great!! It is one of the greatest collective evils of our day! These are the people who should be run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered!

To be identified as a "community organizer" should put the person named in fear for his life. As noted by Francis, the purpose for these evil people is to sow discord where none is. What could be worse for community?