Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Problem According to Proverb 21

This is written in the spirit of truth – not intended to be an attack, but instead an honest assessment of our current President.  This has been attempted in many books and movies, and multiple theories abound about Barrack Obama.  This came to me as I was reading Proverbs 21 .  These thoughts are further tempered by thirty-five years as a soldier, a social scientist by degrees, and a Christian by the power of the Holy Spirit.  That said, I really hope I’m wrong.

First and foremost, it seems he is a False Witness.  Christianity, which he professes to be an adherent of, has a founder who was unapologetic.  Jesus said of Himself, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me.” Thus a faithful witness would say, “Apart from Jesus Christ there is no hope.”  He would lovingly explain Islam is a false religion and, “Allah is not the God of Abraham, Isaac AND Jacob.”  He doesn’t.  A False Witness would promote covetousness, division, homosexual marriage, and abortion, Obama does.

Obama does not appear to respect the “common man.”  The plans of the diligent lead to profit -- but Obama mocks this principle of Proverbs.  Both by saying, “You didn’t build that” and if Obama realizes you did, then “it’s not fair” that you have it.   The way of the guilty is devious, but the conduct of the innocent is upright.  He habitually sets up straw men by mischaracterizing the upright’s positions, and then attacks their character by assaulting the very same straw man he fallaciously devised. 

A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor.   His credentials of “community organizer” were established by commencing class-warfare on unsuspecting citizens.   He has gained his power primarily by persuading the uninformed and the ungodly to vote for him.  His principal tactic is to demonize his opposition and to promise he is different.  And different he is --he is worse.

When justice is done it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.  Obama has completely perverted this principle.  In Obama’s America, the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor found themselves facing a hostile US Government -- demanding they provide drugs that induce abortions to their employees, in the name of health care no less.  With Obama in power, law-abiding Americans legitimately fear he’ll try and take their guns away; all the while arming the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama makes deals with communist dictators and is feckless against rogue nations.  His red lines for our enemies are drawn with invisible ink; our government, now $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, is underwater in red ink.  

Obama is a tyrant of the worst kind; he hounds the people who he knows will play by the rules, and then gets in bed with the coyotes.  He mocks those who cling to the one true God, their God-given rights and their guns.  He hides behind the Secret Service, the police, and the military, never having dreamt of one day growing up and joining their honorable ranks but instead alternately denigrating them or rendering their sacrifices irrelevant.  His “executive actions” undermine the rule of law and his incessant indictment of the enforcers’ intentions undermines their efforts to bring order out of anarchy.  

Finally, he is incapable and afraid of unleashing the dogs of war, even as he dribbles in drones on select locales.  He won’t let the dogs out to deal with the real evildoers the way that they, and the world, would understand and respect.    Obama entreats evildoers to obey leash laws, while at the same time he domesticates and devastates our nation’s watch dogs with social engineering and decreasing the pack to pre-WW II levels.  Of course when the evildoers are off the chain, ignoring Obama’s invisible red lines (they're evildoers after all), he stands ready to send in his emasculated and military to combat Ebola.   

So what do I consider to be the heart of the problem?  Primarily, that Obama lacked a father to help him become a man -- a father that loved him enough to whack him when he needed it, to model a manly demeanor, a man to teach him how the real world works.   I’ve known more than a few Drill Sergeants that could have helped him overcome this Dad deficiency.  Those like Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Al Sharpton can’t cut it.  The problem now - people like Putin and those in Pyongyang have concluded our President is a punk.  In the meantime, we can only pray our President will meet the Father to the fatherless, the One whom the Son said He is one with and the only way to.  There’s hope.  In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water.


Anonymous said...

Hello Francis

The yellow font looks great on your black background.

However, it is unreadable in an RSS feed reader with default white background.

Just an FYI...

in the NC woods

Anonymous said...

Wish into one hand, piss into the other, and see which one fills up faster. Obamao is who he is. Nothing but too many cigarettes and cheeseburgers will change that. Start praying for the after Obama time period. That will decide the ultimate fate of our country.

priscilla said...

'thirty-five years as a soldier..'? What kind of soldier are you? I know you didn't serve your country. I also know you won't publish this.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Congratulations, priscilla, you just insulted Colonel Robert G. Young, a soldier of thirty-five years' service and an incredible number of deployments who retired from the U.S. Army just this past year.

Col. Young's resume is just a few posts below this one. Read it and weep, you mealy-mouthed bitch. "I also know you won't publish this," indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Colonel, welcome, and excellent first post! I couldn't agree more, people with Obawa's inclinations seem to emerge from broken childhoods without proper guidance from a father, or in some cases, they retroactively blame their fathers for being overly strict as the reason for their dysfunction in adulthood.

Personally, I grew up under the parenting of a wonderful mother, and a Marine father who was also a Depression-era baby, and while I didn't quite learn all my lessons on a timely basis, they eventually caught up to me. The one main lesson that I never received, and have had to learn for myself, is how, as a person of old-fashioned morals and values, to exist in the twisted society we live in today, "led" by our community-agitator-in-chief. The answer it seems to me is to double-down on the old-fashioned morals and values. It's the ONLY way we're going to survive. That doesn't mean to take guff from anyone, from a politician all the way down to (up to?) a street thug. It means to live and lead by example, from what is close to one's heart, always quick to expect and offer the best, but to prepare for and actively respond to the worst.

Dan said...

Everything stated about Obama is true. One fact however that is neglected is that while he is all that he is NOT actually in charge. He is a puppet with Jarrett being in constant day by day control of him and Ayers, Soros et. al. the guiding force behind this administrations agenda and battle plan.

Tim Turner said...

Well said, Sir! Two quick thoughts - the nit-picky one first:

". . . ignoring Obama’s invisible red lines (their evildoers after all)" Should be "they're evildoers." A minor point, and I understand the flow a good writer gets into. But in an excellent post, let everything be excellent.

And then: "He habitually sets up straw men by mischaracterizing the upright’s positions, and then attacks their character by assaulting the very same straw man he fallaciously devised."

Absolutely spot on. I've thought this in almost every speech he's eve made, yet I never hear anyone call him on it. Just take his words and show their fallacy. No racism, no whatever. His arguments don't make sense!

Thank you.

Reg T said...

Hope springs eternal, Colonel, but Obama has only been exposed to Wright's brand of pseudo-Christianity, and has also developed a deep devotion to the virulent disease that is Islam.

I'm fear he is incapable of seeing the light, due to the influences in his life and those of evil intent who are constantly whispering in his ear, supporting his narcissism while directing him further down the road to the destruction of America.

Anonymous said...

Barry is the distraction needed to circumvent our republic. And it's working. The unwashed masses bought into it and aren't able to cope with the destruction he's wrought because they put their faith in him instead of where it belongs, God. My dad wasn't around, had lots of replacements in between. I may be a little f'd up but never used the lack of a masculine figure as an excuse. A lot of lessons were hard and I pray my kids turn out the better despite my deficiencies. Watching our civil society break apart and the leader(s) try to remain above it all is heartbreaking and sickening all at once. Notice Barry always drops a shit bomb then takes off to watch from a distance? It's a trend. I pray I'm alive to see the day all of this deceit and evil is laid out. I want to see that judgement when it arrives.

Good to see Priscilla (prissy) has the innate capacity to know a man through a single blog post. I suspect the Col. is more a soldier of God today. You'll have to do better prissy.

Reg T said...

Colonel Young,

My apologies, sir. I realized - hours later, I'm ashamed to admit - that I ended my comment without the courtesy of thanking you for your service. Thank you for the time you spent in service to our country.