Friday, April 15, 2016


     FWP: Boy, this getting clean is exhausting.
     CSO: And we have to do it over again every morning.

     FWP: I’m sure there are people working on it, somewhere.
     CSO: Oh no! That would put the soap people out of business.

     FWP: That’ll never be the title of a horror novel.
     CSO: What? “The Soap People?”

     FWP: Yeah. Try to imagine a plot for it: “They threatened to make the village come clean!
     CSO: Well, it might work in the Middle East.

     FWP: Hm. Maybe. But what about “The Deodorant People?”
     CSO: That would pack ‘em in.
     FWP: I’ll file for a copyright.

1 comment:

Navvet55 said...

"The Deodorant People!" They came from the bowels of Hell...and are heading toward the pits of smell!!" Coming to the big screen in "Smell-O-rama"!