Thursday, April 28, 2016

In thrall to hideous Wahhabism.

The Saudi lobby is a vast public relations machine, well-oiled with money and top-heavy with Washington insiders. Former Senator Norm Coleman, who headed up the American Action Fund – a major “dark money”conduit to GOP campaigns – and is now backing Ted Cruz is on the Saudi payroll. .

On the other side of the partisan divide, the Clinton Foundation is the recipient of Saudi money and the Podesta Group, a major Democratic party public relations firm, is on retainer to the Kingdom. Tony Podesta, founder of the firm, is a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton.[1]

Mr. Raimondo's piece is about more than just Saudi influence and he finishes with the question on most every ordinary American's lips:
This is the price we pay for empire: interventionism is a two-way street. We send the Marines to foreign lands – and they send their lobbyists to Washington. Our overseas client-states have every interest in maintaining the level of financial and military support that flows out to them, and it’s no surprise that they’re fighting to retain it. The question is: are the American people finally beginning to realize that their overseas empire is a burden rather than a boon? The Fifth Estate is looking out for Number One – but who is looking out for the American people?[2]
There's much more in Mr. Raimondo's illuminating article on how foreign lobbyists distort the American political process. Highly recommended.

[1] "The Fifth Estate: Foreign Lobbyists." By Justin Raimondo,, 4/22/16.
[2] Id. Emphasis added.

ADDENDUM 4/28/16:

"When Media Shill For Saudi Money." Moon of Alabama, 4/21/16.

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