Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quick guide to demonstration attendance.

You should not be at a "demonstration" where:
  • there are lots of Mexican flags,
  • there are lots of Mexican illegals,
  • people are trashing automobiles,
  • people are wearing masks and hoodies,
  • there's a drumming circle with at least one overweight lesbian,
  • there are men with beautiful pony tails on your side of the police barricades,
  • "transsexuals" spit on people they are debating,
  • people are six inches away from police lines and cursing the police,
  • there's a Black Lives Matter contingent,
  • your purpose is to forcibly stop someone else from exercising free speech,
  • your own speech is what might charitably be called incoherent,
  • you arrived on a bus and you don't know who paid for your ticket,
  • George Soros is involved in any way, and/or
  • you agree with organizers that America should be the dumping ground for every ignorant, parasitic, or criminal third-world person who wants to take a job from an American.
If any of these apply to the demonstration you're at, your judgment, decency, or patriotism are questionable.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I have thoughts about going to Cleveland this summer and easily most of that list applies.

Personally I've had about enough of this bullshit.