Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Criminalizing Caucasians

     This seems to be the major theme of Leftist activism at this time. It’s not being advanced through the law...yet. But less official means are being pursued with vigor. Note Dystopic’s excellent tirade on the subject:

     Now look at the title of this one and tell me the author isn’t lunatic racist:

The Scientific Way to Train White People to Stop Being Racist

     What, are we a bunch of monkeys or something? Are you going to ring Pavlov’s Bell and cure us of all of our crimethink with some pumpkin spice lattes or some other bit of SWPL swag? The more these people try to deny being racist (they even try to alter the definition of racism so it’s permissible to hate certain ethnicities), the more they prove just how hateful and bigoted they really are. The title isn’t phrased “How to defeat white supremacists” or “How to cure white racists of their delusions,” both of which would restrict the condemnation to the guilty. No. It is how to train white people (all of them) to not be racist. It presumes that you are guilty no matter what.

     Are you a Romanian guy, fresh off the boat? Too bad, racist, you need to attend your mandatory reeducation training. Of course, your parents probably went through the same under Communism, but hey, nothing like a family refresher, right racist scum?

     Read the whole thing. It’s a refreshing change from the usual defensiveness...comparable to what you’d get here. And the fun has only just begun.

     I decided some time ago that when it comes to charges of racism, I would cheerfully own them:

     I have said it before, and I'll say it whenever anyone asks, whether in public or in private: I am a racist. That is, I am persuaded that as statistical aggregates, the conventionally recognized races differ in ways that can be contextually significant. So any mealy-mouthed leftists in the audience who think they can cow me by calling me a racist already have my reply: Damned right I am!

     The equally cheerful racism of the supposed anti-racists suggests that this isn’t an offense harmful to public peace:

     You can’t be singing Rihanna’s “Umbrella” if you happen to be a white fella – fella.

     That’s what kids learned during a lesson on “privilege” and “microaggressions” in a human relations theory class at the University of Oklahoma.

     Ah, yes. There’s nothing quite like a bit of white-shaming courtesy of the American taxpayers.

     “I was told as a white woman it’s insulting and a microaggression for me to cover or sing a Rihanna song because I’m not from Barbados,” a student who was in the class told me. “I was literally told to go sing the Star-Spangled Banner.”

     The student, who asked not to be identified, sent me copies of both assignments – including a 100-item checklist to determine how much “privilege” you have.

     How much more racist can you get than suggesting that it’s a form of theft for a white person to sing a Rihanna song? I mean, she gets by mainly on her looks, so for a white artist with actual talent to cover one of her songs would actually be an undeserved compliment to her, wouldn’t it?

     But I digress. The Left, in all its myriad forms, has decided to double and triple-down on its use of “racism” charges – that’s all this “microaggression” BS is, of course – before they’ve lost the remainder of their rapidly dwindling force. Their panic about it is the most hopeful sociopolitical sign in years. That so many commentators and essayists have taken up cudgels over it is of less importance than the growing insouciance of ordinary white people toward such sallies, and the obvious agitation it’s engendered on the Left.

     Try it yourself at your next opportunity:

     SJW: You’re a racist!
     FWP: I sure am. So what?

     The reactions will delight you. Trust me on that.

     But that’s not the end of the story. The Left, sensing that it’s losing its ability to chivvy Americans in their preferred direction, has added a tactic to its arsenal. The reactions to that tactic have propelled the presidential candidacy of the least attractive figure ever to bid for the GOP nomination.

     You see, it’s no longer all about race. It’s about ethnicity, culture, and language as well:

     [W]hen spiritual fortifications have been flattened, antagonists put boots on the ground. That’s what’s happening now in unmoated areas of the West. But eventually even the dullest cucks begin to understand that virtue signaling on migration is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Conspicuously accommodating 100 brown people is a boast, while 100 million is a eulogy. And most prefer their praise served warm.

     So what we are seeing presently in Europe is a people slowly realizing their moral vainglory is best taken in moderation. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t much address the designs of a billion or so global refugees fleeing the war in Syria. You don’t simply lock the door after other people have decided they want in.

     For once a large enough number of outsiders determine your house is precisely what they want, seeking your permission loses much of its appeal. That’s when fences start falling, tear gas starts wafting, and it dimly begins to dawn that invasion doesn’t require the Red Army.

     Now, strictly speaking, the “migrants” are the same race as that which predominates in Greece and Macedonia: Caucasian. Yes, they’re a little swarthier, owing to the climate that shaped their ancestors. However, the other characteristics that go into identifying one as Caucasian, Mongolian, or Negroid all point toward the Caucasian.

     That doesn’t make them other than useful to the Left. As far as the Left is concerned, their hostility toward European norms and European law is what really matters. They can be used to foment the sort of upheaval that might result in the overthrow of Europe’s overall sociopolitical order. The recent, overt moves in that direction have garnered a fair amount of coverage.

     Middle Eastern and North African migrants are attacking the borders of Europe. Central American migrants are attacking the borders of the United States. Sociologically, they’re about equally destructive. Politically, they’re of a piece – and the Left has hastened to embrace them. And you, Gentle Reader, are a nasty filthy bigot – a white bigot – for demanding that their invasions be decried, countered, and stopped.

     For some time, the Left made profitable use of undeserved guilt over past racial injustices. Note, however, what Dystopic has to say on the matter:

     Defenses go up when we are accused of something bad, especially if we didn’t do it. I didn’t own any slaves, I didn’t kill anybody, I don’t hate people for their skin color, or any of that. So don’t be surprised if, when you associate me with any of those things, I get pissed off and think you’re full of shit....

     So when an SJW accuses someone of racism, the response they expect is for you to stop, nod your head, agree with them, beg for forgiveness, and promise not to be a poopyhead meanie racist person anymore. Anything else is “track switching.” They say I’m not listening, and they are right. When you spout off bullshit accusations, why would I listen to you anymore?

     Indeed. The attempt to criminalize a man for having been born into his race is about as offensive as any rhetorical gambit I can imagine. Condemning him for preferring his national culture, and defending it against the ingress of an utterly hostile culture, is simply insane. What’s important about our present moment is that a swelling number of First World Caucasians are taking visible, vocal offense rather than performing the ritual self-abasements Dystopic described.

     Ever more American whites are refusing to grant the Left an instant of their time or the smallest particle of respect. Europeans will soon follow in our train, if they don’t want theirs to be derailed. Will the reaction be prompt enough and severe enough to halt the Left-engineered assaults on the First World’s norms of propriety, decency, and respect for the law? We can only wait and see.

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Unknown said...

Rush likes to claim a high percentage of ‘rightness’ being on the cutting edge “societal evolution.” That’s one reason he loses points (I put him about 94.7%), because society is not evolving… it is being deliberately transformed. In the early ‘90s when my brain finally awoke to the subtle invasion taking place, I realized what entity was in the cross hairs of the culture changers’ scopes. So (this was before Internet, you see) I printed up some fancy little cards with the clever icon C WE DO, and listed what I thought were the eight main skirmish lines. Imagine my surprise when I never saw a single light bulb turn bright. In fact when people discovered the icon meant Christians of Western European Descendants Organization, no further conversation was possible… just sayin’…