Monday, April 11, 2016

Quickies: How Much Further Can Rhetorical Idiocy Go?

     Though I’m reluctant to lay a bet, perhaps no further than this:

     HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) — An emotional John Kerry said Hiroshima's horrible history should teach humanity to avoid conflict and strive to eradicate nuclear weapons as he became the first U.S. secretary of state to tread upon the ground of the world's first atomic bombing.

     Kerry's visit Monday to the Japanese city included him touring its peace museum with other foreign ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized nations and laying a wreath at the adjoining park's stone-arched monument, with the exposed steel beams of Hiroshima's iconic A-Bomb Dome in the distance.

     The U.S. attack on Hiroshima in the final days of World War II killed 140,000 people and scarred a generation of Japanese, while thrusting the world into the dangerous Atomic Age. But Kerry hoped his trip would underscore how Washington and Tokyo have forged a deep alliance over the last 71 years and how everyone must ensure that nuclear arms are never used again.

     I knew the man was a useless idiot, but it escapes me how his handlers could permit him to mouth such inanities. To wit:

     I know, I know; stupid presidents pick stupid Cabinet members. All the same, whenever this clown opens his mouth, he jams his feet deeper into it. What more can one say about John F. Kerry that even Hillary Clinton was a better Secretary of State?


Col. B. Bunny said...

At least Kerry's consistent. He's done his best to avoid conflict by ensuring that the American war on Syria is shut down. That would mean, of course, that we're no longer supplying arms to Muslim savages in Iraq and Syria. Or training them.

Charlie Mitchell said...

Yeah, Kerry is why the facepalm was invented...

darkdoc said...

And the anti-Trumps are adamant that "American values prevent us from attacking civilian families - American soldiers would refuse orders to attack civilians," when perhaps two of the greatest examples of civilian attacks are in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If there was a need, the civilians get involved, innocent or not.

Akaky said...

How much further can rhetorical idiocy go, Fran asks, to which I must reply, all the way to the end. Rhetorical idiocy is one of those vehicles that always has gas in the engine and a never-ending supply of people who want to get behind the wheel. Such is life, unfortunately.

JWMJR said...

Kerry is a lothsome morally deficient A.H. The leftist jerkwads bring up our dropping the big one on Japan on a regular basis as a means of denigrating the generation that fought horrible war and our nation as well. Never, never, never, do they mention the fact that when asked to create a casualty and time estimate for the invasion of the Japanese home islands, the Pentagon's estimated that the US would suufer 2 million dead, wounded and missing and that completion might take well over a year. Given the just experienced horrendous slaughterhouse of Okinawa, President Truman took the estimates seriously. He also had to factor in that the nation and indeed the entire world was exhausted from war and that there was just no more money to be raised to continue the fight. Stalin had already invaded Manchuria, seized the lower half of Sakalin island snd was preparing an invasion of his own. For Truman then, on balance, 150,000 dead Japanese seemed a small sacrifice to pay in order to bring the war to a swift end and hold the Soviets at bay. Kerry like all leftist would have us judge the past through the lens of the present. A luxury Truman and his advisors did not have.