Monday, September 12, 2016

A Sudden Unpleasant Premonition

     With regard to this development mentioned yesterday: many members of the Democratic National Committee do you expect to be missing or dead by the end of the week?

     Perhaps it’s time to start a pool.


Anonymous said...

Only those who dare to mention any replacement. Oh, and of course whomever set up the meeting. Being familiar with the Godfather series is a matter of survival for some.

About the pneumonia. Is this why the coughing fits? If so how long has she had it. If it has been a long time isn't that a symptom of serious underlying illness/disease?

Anonymous said...

Heh. Shame on you.
- Charlie

daniel_day said...

If she really has Parkinson's, it cannot be concealed for much longer. The question becomes "What did the DNC know about Hillary's condition and when did they learn it?" If it is confirmed that she is suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease and the Bernie crowd become convinced that the DNC knew about the Parkinson's long before they began cheating for her benefit in the primaries, their rage is going to be epic.