Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just Some Thunderous Applause...

     ...for WeirdDave, who included this in last night’s Overnight Thread at Ace of Spades HQ:

     This Green Beret Saved A Young Boy From Being Kept As A Sex Slave And Beat His “Owner” … Obama Responded By Kicking Him Out Of The Army

     There is a reason we have cars and medicine and grocery stores full of food. There's a reason why women can walk down the street unmolested and children aren't kept as slaves in America. There's a reason we can speak our mind freely and walk our streets (mostly) safely.

     It's because we're better than they are.

     Specifically, our culture is better than their culture. We used to take this with us when we fought. When Germany surrendered at the end of WWII, any German woman with a lick of sense or the opportunity made for the American zone as fast as she could. Why? Because the Soviet zone was an orgy of rape. With rare (and immediately prosecuted) exceptions, the American zone wasn't. Even in third world shitholes, American soldiers stand for doing the right thing. That's what this soldier did, and he got a dishonorable discharge for his trouble.

     Fortunately, that soldier’s expulsion from the Army was reversed. (Now and then, the Good Guys do win one.) That, of course, doesn’t undo the injustice of the prior expulsion – nor can we overlook the motives of those who caused it. Frankly, those who ordered First Sergeant Charles Martland dishonorably discharged should be horsewhipped naked down every street in the District of Columbia, preferably to the beat of some brisk martial music.

     But we mustn’t miss WeirdDave’s peroration:

     Why? Because “all cultures are equal, man”? I never see anyone making that statement moving to live in another one. Because it's not right to “force” our culture on someone else? That's what they are doing. Migrant In Court For Violent Rape: ‘I Came to Austria to F*ck the Women’. Islam means “submission”. In their culture, rape is used as a method of flaunting your superiority over populations you've subjugated. That's what all of those shouts of Aloha Snackbar! MEAN during a terrorist attack; “Our god is great, we can kill you whenever we want”. The West is losing a 1400 year old war because we refuse to recognize that we're in one.

     It cannot be put better nor more succinctly than that.


Dystopic said...

Leftism makes my head hurt. It really does. It is an inversion of all sense. Where I care most for my wife and son, and care least for those far away and embedded in a hostile culture and religion... Leftists require that invert the priority. That I care most for far away peoples who hate me, and care for my wife and son least of all. Remember when I called it Anti-Think? That's why.

They *say* that all cultures are equal when challenged. But in reality, they think America and her culture to be inferior to these third world hellholes. If they truly thought them equal, then they might agitate to preserve America *and* the Islamic countries, a place for both.

No, they agitate for our destruction, and for their elevation above us. They truly believe a civilized industrial western country is the lesser culture, and a warlord-infest rape factory is morally superior.

Fuck them all, Francis. Fuck them all. Pardon my French.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Your French is no worse than my Belgian, Dys.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. For 1400 years, and sadly, some learn nothing from history. Even recent history. Suffice it to say: "you may not be at war with islam, but islam is at war with you." I cannot stop all of them, but they really don't want to find out about my marksmanship skills. Or about my intent to protect me, mine, and my culture.
- Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Yep. I (and many others) did not choose to make islam and its adherents our enemy. However, if someone is out to kill you they become your enemy whether you like it or not.
Failure to properly identify your enemy is the first step on the road to defeat.
Of course, we all work off the assumption that our 'leaders' (public and private) actually care about this country and its citizens and not just what they can get for themselves. Perhaps this assumption is incorrect. The facts seem to strongly suggest this is the case.