Friday, September 30, 2016

Tired Of Corporate Babblespeak?

     So is Al Yankovic:

     (Found at and shamelessly stolen from Dustbury. Bravo, Charles.)

     For those who’ve been wondering about the gradually increasing frequency of giggle-posts here at the legendarily serious Liberty’s Torch, the current record-holder for the most Web-induced suicides since 2013, it’s quite simple: I need to laugh as much as anyone else, the recent news has been of the sort that increases that need, and I like to share. And may God bless and keep the great Weird Al, one of the few truly funny men of our time. If there’s a Humor Hall of Fame, he most certainly belongs in it – if “they,” whoever “they” might be, don’t do the decent thing and name it after him!


Erbo said...

I freakin' love that video. Al had it produced by TruScribe, a company that specializes in creating those kind of "whiteboard" videos for business presentations, and released it to the public via the Wall Street Journal, as part of the promotion for his Mandatory Fun album.

TruScribe, for their part, recognized how Al was poking fun at the whole field of business jargon, and offered some lessons on authentic messaging that businesses can learn from Al's anti-example.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. those are the minutes of the previous day's meeting!