Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, R.I.P.

     By now, the Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch have learned of the passing of the great Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most prominent conservative activists of the past half century. You’ve probably also learned of the outpouring of post-mortem hatred toward her from the Left. (UPDATE: See also this compendium.)

     The Left hated Schlafly for several reasons, but above all because she was magnificently effective. Many commentators have credited her personally with thwarting the Equal Rights Amendment. Her activism in other venues, especially in the cause of life and against the demands of gender-war feminists, never failed to spur the interest of conservatives and the dismay of Leftists nationwide. Here’s what Ann Coulter had to say about her:

     There is no more pristine example of the left’s “in-crowd” snobbery than their treatment of conservative author and activist Phyllis Schlafly....Her very name prompts derisive hoots from Hollywood starlets who couldn’t approach her IQ if they were having brains instead of silicone injected. To listen to the cool people, you could be forgiven for thinking that Schlafly is one step above a cretin. In fact, Schlafly is one of the most accomplished and influential people in America. [From Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right.]

     Schlafly’s personal achievements include a Juris Doctor earned in her fifties, a popular radio show, a syndicated column, the founding of the influential Eagle Forum, and ten published books, most of which are on military policy. Her very first book, A Choice, Not An Echo, sold 3,000,000 copies, assured the 1964 nomination of Barry Goldwater, and ultimately led to the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Her military analysis was a major factor in the Reagan Administration’s High Frontier initiative. Her activism never ceased, despite her advancing age.

     To return to Coulter’s thoughts on Schlafly’s life and accomplishments:

     None of this is widely known because Schlafly doesn’t brag about it. There is certainly not the remotest possibility that the mainstream media will ever breathe a word of her extraordinary accomplishments. Schlafly had derailed the left’s precious sexual revolution. Consequently she is demeaned and censored by the champions of women’s advancement. There is a raw “1984” blackout quality to the media’s ideological refusal to acknowledge Schlafly while posting endless tributes to worthless feminist nothings....

     Schlafly’s feminist counterpart and molecular opposite is Gloria Steinem. While Schlafly is a serious intellectual, Steinem is a deeply ridiculous figure who succeeded as a journalist only by becoming the news rather than reporting it.

     The contrast could not be starker...but one guess which of these women the mainstream media adore and slather with praise.

     So it comes as little or no surprise that the death of Phyllis Schlafly should be treated bloodlessly by the media, while the Left heaps contempt upon her grave. De mortuis nil nisi bonum, we in the Right have said when some Leftist luminary has passed on. This bit of classical wisdom is apparently alien to the Left.

     Mrs. Schlafly, thank you for your tireless efforts in defense of freedom and the United States. May you rest forever in God’s arms. We who remain behind will miss you terribly.

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Linda Fox said...

I didn't appreciate her at the time. I was under the spell of the early feminists, and thought of her as a ridiculous example of a traditional woman.

In fact, her ambition and accomplishments, despite having become the mother of many children, SHOULD gladden a feminist's heart. She was a conservative activist, whose efforts derailed the ERA, despite all the abuse the Leftists could hurl at her. And, they put PLENTY of money into the effort to pass it.

To no avail. Phyllis beat them at their own game.