Monday, September 26, 2016

So Up-To-The-Minute...

     ...that the minute itself will be deemed late:

     The meme is so new it hasn't even hit Know Your Meme: "Describe yourself in three fictional characters." I agonized over this rather longer than I'd intended to, mostly because some of the characters on my first list were there, not so much because they reminded me of me, but because I was overly fond of them. Eventually I pared that list, and these three individuals are left.

     Charles’s selections don’t surprise me overly. When I started thinking about my own was when the surprises began.

     Perhaps Gentle Readers who are also readers of fiction – and I do hope that’s both all of you – will attempt this exercise and put your cogitations in the comments. Among other things, it would give me a sense for what sort of fiction really strikes home with you. That would make my pandering marketing a bit easier.


Anonymous said...

Jean Valjean
Buggs Bunny

Linda Fox said...

Rebecca de Winter
Lucy Rose (Eye of the Needle)
Scout Finch (the ORIGINAL book)

Fatebekind said...

Friar Tuck
Boxer the Horse

JWM said...

I thought I could toss this one off the top of my head, but I actually had to think on it for most of the day. My three:
Huck Finn
Sam Gamgee
Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes)


15Fixer said...

Sherlock Holmes
Tom Sawyer
Johnny Rico (Starship Troopers, the book)