Thursday, September 22, 2016

Illumination From An Unexpected Source: A Quickie Rumination

     Fox’s evening series Lucifer isn’t really based on the Biblical story pertaining to the Great Adversary, though it does incorporate some elements of the Christian mythos. It struck me as an unlikely place to encounter a piercing insight...but anyone who desires to advance in wisdom should be prepared to be surprised.

     I viewed the first episode of the second season just yesterday evening, and was struck by the exchange between detective Chloe and a newly introduced lab technician who wears a conspicuous cross pendant. Chloe asked the tech whether she really believes in God, and the tech responded that she sometimes has doubts about her faith. Chloe, somewhat surprised by the admission, asks, approximately thus: If you had a chance to be sure one way or the other, would you take it?

     The tech’s answer was stunningly penetrating for an emission from a nighttime entertainment. She replied that either answer would destroy her faith, and that her faith is something she needs.

     Pope Benedict XVI, in our time one of Christianity’s foremost intellectual forces, admitted to doubts. Yet he, too, argued that faith that admits of no doubt is virtually unknown – probably impossible.

     This is part of a larger human need. I’ve said as much myself:

     We observed the life, ministry, Passion and Resurrection of Christ just as we observed your own, more recent adventure. It was plain that he was of an order superior both to Mankind and to the Brothers of the Realm. His passing rewrote laws of Creation so fundamental that we had never previously suspected their existence. We believe that it was his power that you invoked to expel Tiran from Creation. It was a match for the forces he commanded in every observable way. We cannot prove it...but we believe it.
     —That’s faith, isn’t it?
     Indeed. Be grateful.
     —Hm? How so?
     Your psyches are built to require it. An emotionally healthy man with no faith is the rarest of creatures.

     Indeed. No ideal ever embraced, whether by one man or a multitude, can be proved. Devotion to an abstract proposition, whatever its import, will always require faith. Faith in the existence of God, in His benevolence, and in the possibility of some day dwelling near to Him in eternal bliss, is but one case thereof.

     May He bless and keep you all!


JWM said...

I wasn't sure whether to comment here or on your post about the electoral college. But I have great fear for this coming November. Hate to drop a cliche, but events do indeed look to be spiraling out of control. A Trump victory will trigger well planned insurrections like Charoltte in every big city. I doubt there would be similar violence from whites in the wake of a fraudulent win for Clinton. But you never know. Faith is the only anchor in these frightening times. I pray that my own will be enough.


Backwoods Engineer said...

I think I know--He exists, and Christ really was raised-- but in contrast to the little lab tech, I'd give anything to know for sure. In fact, I will give everything for it-- when I die, I will know for sure.