Monday, July 10, 2017

Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans but . . .

. . . white countries for EVERYbody.

So went the late Bob Whitaker's mantra, which is about as much truth about immigration as you can find packed into one sentence.

Why do white people have no place in Africa?.

Driven out at the point of slaughter in state after state then reverting to savagery and starvation.

Rhodesia becomes the cesspit known as Zimbabwe.

Currently thousands of white farmers and their families are being systematically and brutally murdered in South Africa.

The world looks away.

However when it comes to the white nations of Europe - we are being forced - not least by threats and coercion - to accept millions of these semi primitive thugs - as though they have some right of occupation.

All it will do is reduce Europe to third world poverty and violence.

Its madness.

~ Comment by mog.[1] (All comments here are from the same source.)

More wisdom on the issue of immigration from Grandad Grumps though he ran out of wisdom after the second paragraph:

Yes, it is hard to understand what is going on inside the heads of the unelected EU bureaucrats and those few elected, such as Angela and the sun godling Marcon.

It really makes one a believer in demonic possession.

Africa is such a rich continent, maybe the people of Africa should be supported, rather than stolen from or kicked out?!?

Then there's this bit of rock-solid common sense from The Harlequin:
It's quite simple really. Take all the money given to NGOs, pseudo-charities and clandestine operations, add to that the combined funds from all international aid plus the proceeds of every military contract which feeds instability in vulnerable nations, throw in for good measure fifty percent of the estimated social impact costs of attempting to assimilate this massive influx, say over the next decade or so...

...then spend it all on repatriation and foreign infrastructural investment programs, while policing arms, drugs and human trafficking to the absolute hilt at strong, uncompromising frontiers. We will soon see that there is no "refugee" problem, that cultural integrity is NOT an immoral concept, expose and denounce the hypocrisy of the politicians behind the current agenda, and remove them from power. Jean-Claude Junckers is top of my list of incompetent Eurocrats to get a long deserved ass-kicking!

Shovelhead's future in Germany is not bright should he choose to go there or stay there:
Anything that isn't unabashed praise or even acceptance of Merkel's policy is deemed HATE SPEECH and "promotes xenophobia".

Because we all know that "stop importing Muslims" is exactly the same as "Kill all Muslims".

Responsibility for the destruction of Europe is shared by many.

Barbara Lerner Specter says Jews will play a leading role in making Europe multicultural. Somebody told her to shut up after she made that particular comment so further details won't be forthcoming from her why she thinks Europe is, uh, too "monolithic," meaning "too white." But it's more than just her announced agenda. Satanic is the operative word in the actions of all the actors working to bring this about. Human understanding is inadequate when it is time to try to understand the evil that behind this.

But make no mistake. Destruction and massive killing is the precise goal of all. People intend the natural consequences of their acts. The rest of what they say is just garbage. Every single official action on this issue will be the precise opposite of what common sense and love of one's own kind would dictate.

This is the modern phenomenon of obtuseness. Official conduct that is exactly the opposite of what centuries of human experience would affirm. Masked leftist scum rioting int he streets and attacking decent citizens? Old-time approach? Crack heads, arrest people for wearing masks in order to commit violence, read the Riot Act, clear the streets. Modern approach: encourage, praise, ignore, and support scum.

[1] On "Europe's Mass Migration: The Leaders Vs. The Public." By Douglas Murray, Zero Hedge, 7/10/17.

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