Friday, July 14, 2017

Deranged neocons.

The net result of neocon led foreign policies have [sic] resulted in thousands of dead Americans, the entire middle east reduced to rubble, millions of civilians dead and/or displaced -- and they have the stones to call Putin evil.

Pray tell me, who has killed more people in the world over the past 30 years, America or Russia?[1]

If I recall correctly, both Max Boot and LTC Ralph ("The Unhinged") Peters, in a preceding appearance on Tucker Carlson's show, made a big deal about Putin's alleged assassination of a critical journalist(s). Yes. A yuuuge point against Putin (submitted as divine truth, of course). But Mr. Fly's question above is particularly damning in comparison to that penny ante point.

Yes, yes. Killing is not to be treated lightly but in a world where military deaths on the Eastern Front once reached 10,000 a day, and death tolls in both world wars were in the millions, let us not get hypocritically exercised over every sparrow that falls to the ground. The supposed Saudi and Qatari "allies" of the U.S. have financed and supplied the jihadi scum in Syria and Iraq. It doesn't seem to have caused the U.S. to think twice about continuing that "alliance" when ISIS literally burned a caged Jordanian pilot alive. Or beheaded a 10-year-old boy.

Boot and Peters, of course, do precisely that -- climb onto their hypocritical high horse. Vladimir the Terrible.

Jeebus could we get a sense of proportion and some integrity in our public debates?

[1] "Tucker Carlson Annihilates Neocon Errand Boy Max Boot on Russia." By The Real Fly, Russia Insider, 7/13/17.

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