Saturday, July 8, 2017

Call Them What They Are

     “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.” – President Donald Trump, in Poland

     “[That statement] only makes sense as a statement of racial and religious paranoia.” -- Peter Beinart

     “Such rhetoric is meant to conjure blood-and-soil nationalism.” -- Jeet Heer

     “[Trump’s speech] had nothing useful to say about today’s interconnected world in which goods, people and ideas have contempt for borders.” -- Eugene Robinson

     President Trump’s Poland speech was as inspiring a piece of political rhetoric as I’ve heard in my lifetime. Reagan might have equaled it on occasion. Its core was an assertion of the values of the West, both political and cultural, and the insistence that they can, should, and must be defended.

     So naturally – indeed, even automatically – it’s driven the mouthpieces of the Left completely batshit. And just as automatically, they’ve thrown everything in their pitiful demagogic arsenals at it in an attempt to make it seem shameful.

     They lose. The masks are off now -- except among the too-proud-to-stoop-to-their-level commentators of the Right. Those prettyboys remain terrified of the consequences of calling those turds straining to disparage the sentiments in Trump’s speech exactly what they are: vile creatures unworthy of anything but contempt, persons who hate the United States and the values of those who made it what it is.

     “One can’t talk about—or praise—“the West” anymore without being a racist.” – Charles C. W. Cooke

     “In which @PeterBeinart gives a masterclass in willful misreading of a speech.” -- Niall Ferguson

     Such ripostes are far too weak for the hour and the circumstances.

     Beinart, Heer, Robinson, and their fellows in disparagement of Trump’s sentiments are scum. Nothing more. They hate freedom; they hate capitalism; they hate Christianity and those who adhere to it. Above all they hate themselves...with ample justification, for they have nothing of value to offer to anyone, and the awareness grates on them every waking moment of their lives. Their statements make it quite plain. They hold to no values other than hatred. It’s time to stop granting them any presumption of integrity.

     Why treat them with kid gloves? Why not give them double the manhandling they give to us, to our admired ones, and to the freedom and values we cherish? Is this yet another aspect of the “gentlemen of the Right mustn’t stoop to the tactics of the Left” syndrome that’s put muzzles on our spokesmen since Buckley’s day?

     Glory be to God, people! We’ve got masked thugs roughing up peaceable conservatives in the streets, usually while the police look on disinterestedly. We’ve got rioters tearing up Hamburg while the G20 economic summit takes place. We’ve had a far-left lunatic of a Bernie Sanders supporter try to assassinate Republican Congressmen, and very nearly succeed. We’ve had a crazed Muslim bitch call for jihad against the president of the United States!

     If that isn’t enough to allow ourselves some plain speaking at the very least, what will it take?

     Here at Liberty’s Torch, you’ll get plain speaking and nothing else. Whether or not you agree with the sentiments you read here, you won’t be in any doubt about them. Perhaps you should write to the milquetoasts who opine at our supposed “conservative” organs of thought and opinion and ask why their courage is unequal to the challenges of the hour. Feel free to send them anything you find here that strikes you as preferable.

     It’s time and long past time.

     “If you call a spade a spade, you don’t need a club.” – Arthur Herzog


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Ominous Cowherd said...

The ``too-proud-to-stoop-to-their-level commentators of the Right'' are being unmasked, too: they are being exposed as not only wrong, but not Right.

Trump is forcing everyone to get off the fence and land on one side or another. If Trump accomplishes nothing else, this makes electing him worthwhile.