Thursday, July 6, 2017

The roar of the European Commission’s hypocrisy.

[Member of the European Parliament] Hans-Olaf Henkel, one of the leading politicians of AfD, a Eurosceptic party in Germany, when interviewed recently by Anna Rybinska, made remarkably impressive statement in the Polish portal’s article. He argues that the proceedings against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are, above all, the “roar of the European Commission’s hypocrisy. I do not recall,” the EU official said, “that the EU initiated proceedings against Germany for breach of EU law, when it first violated one of the Maastricht criteria after the introduction of the euro, that the budget deficit should not exceed three percent of GDP.” The Maastricht Treaty has been violated at least a hundred times in other respects. “And nothing happened,” Henkel went on, “and suddenly it turns out that the rejection of the reception of refugees by the Poles, Czechs and Hungarians is a terrible misdemeanor … It is too transparent and a totally inconsistent reaction.”[1]
It's clear that immigration madness is the number one objective of the E.U. Those swine are fanatically committed to the destruction of Europe.

The image above for the European Commission is the wrong one, actually. Here's the right one:

[1] "The Third Mohammedan Invasion." By Konrad Sutarski, Gates of Vienna, 7/5/17.

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