Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The steaming pile of hypocrisy on "collusion."

The Trump campaign in the primaries and the general election seemed more about somewhat inarticulately stated general themes such as "let's not be stupid anymore" and "our interests are more important than the interests of any other country." Hillary's email problems were dogging her footsteps but I don't recall any rabbit that Trump pulled out of his hat that revealed anything about Hillary that wasn't already known or a matter of speculation. A dash of Comeyism no doubt helped Trump but that came out of his own calculations about the safety of his skin or which way the winds were blowing.

American presidential politics are a giant fur ball of slander, innuendo, opposition research, billionaire egos, deals and back stabbings. Plenty of all-American political advisors and commentators are wide of the mark each go round and polls are for people with time on their hands or where there's only one channel in the jail. The idea that the Russians would undertake to jump into that fur ball, that bucket of snakes, that wood chipper of reputations and sanity, is an odd one in my view. Blackmail is entirely understandable but the provenance of the supposed hotel room antics of Trump left something to be desire.

But the charge is not that the Russians have something on Trump, it's that he colluded. Horror of horrors. This concern for what THE RUSSIANS might have done or are doing in America is a recent arrival in the Dem arsenal. When the Soviets had our federal government thoroughly penetrated, one Sen. McCarthy was reviled as the love child of Satan for bringing this fact to the attention of the American people. (H/t: Diana West.) NOW the drooling left is beside itself with loathing for the evil, neo-Soviet, love child of Beria: Putin.

For real manipulation of the American political process you can't beat AIPAC and its supporters in and outside our borders. A certain nation state is said to play the American Congress like a Mighty Wurlitzer but don't look for this to be on the evening news.

Too, Hillary Clinton and her husband raked in millions in speaking fees from assorted governments and people believed to be interested in influencing U.S. government policies and spending decisions. Many more millions were contributed to something called the Clinton Foundation by foreign governments, news of which governments and said millions plunked into the placid lake of American politics with not even a ripple ever to reach the far shore.

The full-court press underway against Trump is fascinating and instructive for the panic induced by Trump is revealing some of the true interests who think they are destined to control and dispose of all things American. So, as with the Syrian hypocrisy and the anti-Russian hysteria, I say keep up the greasy, non-stop hand wringing about "collusion." Please do. It's a heck of an education for us in (1) the real Who's Who in American and (2) what real hypocrisy looks like.

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