Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebrity Politicking: A Brief But Pointed Reflection

     For Christians especially, but ultimately for all of us:

     As the great sinners grow fewer, and the majority lose all individuality, the great sinners become far more effective agents for us. Every dictator or even demagogue — almost every film star or crooner — can now draw tens of thousands of the human sheep with him. They give themselves (what there is of them) to him; in him, to us. There may come a time when we shall have no need to bother about individual temptation at all, except for the few. Catch the bellwether, and his whole flock comes after him.

     [C. S. Lewis, Screwtape Proposes A Toast. Hyperlink added by FWP.]

     Teach your children to learn, to distinguish between facts and opinions, and always to do their own thinking. Please.

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