Friday, July 15, 2016

Ready, fire, aim.

French President Hollande wants to send troops to Iraq and Syria now. This would be in response to the attacks in Nice and Paris. Military ops in the Middle East can't fail to stop further outrages in France. I see the connection.

The presence of millions of surly, unassimilable, subversive Muslims and hostile, parasitic Africans inside France appears to have escaped Francois's notice. Plans to import more of both are being implemented as we speak.

But I can't fault Hollande for false priorities. He spends enough to buy a good used car every month on haircuts so we know he's a man who understands priorities. The fate of France is in the hands of the right man.

Seth Cropsey, Former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy, was on Fox Business News just now and thinks we're not winning the ideological war. We need to go after "Islamic radical fanatic jihadists" and all will be well. "Radical fanatics" alone is indicator of intellectual unclarity in the "ideological war." Unless there are "moderate fanatics." Just dinking around with the language.

Did anyone ever say that the Nazis would be an OK bunch of guys if it weren't for those radical, fanatic, Nazi militarists? No one excused Nazi excess in this way. Apparently the wise people in the U.S. and Europe are unable to draw a line from jihadi crimes to fundamental principles of (plain-vanilla) Islam. Cropsey seems like a sensible guy. Why he can't bring himself to identify the real source of the world's difficulties is a mystery. (Conversely, note that if some white lunatic goes after Rep. Gifford or kills some black churchgoers that's solid proof of the horrible danger of "guns" and universal white racism.)

Meanwhile, U.S. importation of surly, unassimilable, subversive Muslims is proceeding at flank speed as we speak as more U.S. troops are being sent to Iraq to stem the flow of ideas out of Iraq. No plans to use them inside Syria at further huge expense and without a constitutional declaration of war, I'm sure. 100 years after a world war of unspeakable slaughter and privation, entered into as casually as choosing the right tie for a day at the office, we have learned nothing. We now similarly pursue mysterious and unidentified national interests. 21st-century snipe hunting and questing for that bucket of steam beloved of construction site jokers decided upon by the Teleprompter Reader in Chief.

Also, no plans for U.S. troops on the U.S. border yet. That's one of the more outlandish proposals that wise pundits and experts simply won't touch with a 10' cattle prod. Bunny, as usual, rushes in to suggest it.

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