Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary's health.

Does this look normal, staged, or tampered with in any way? Pay attention to the reaction of the woman with pink nail polish:

Don't look for this to be on the MSM anytime soon.

H/t: John (magnum) at mrc Newsbusters.


Anonymous said...

As a RN having worked on Psych units, absolutely abnormal.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks for that input. Her self control and recovery are remarkable but there's no denying some kind of an event took place.

Anonymous said...

Demonic possession? Too many drugs.. not enough drugs? Given her proclivity to be creative with the truth cognitive dissonance physical symptoms.

In any event not normal. The pink nail polish lady appears to ask if HRC is OK also.

Anyone planning of voting for HRC (probably none visiting this blog) may want to carefully review the background of Mr. Kaine.

Col. B. Bunny said...

LOL. Not enough drugs. You probably hit on the truth there. Something very not right with that woman. If nothing else, she's an accomplished liar and excels at diverting scrutiny. Probably I could skate on any criticism or interrogation if I knew the press was going to back me to the hilt.

I think Trump is going to mop the floor with Hillary. He had to spread himself thin when he had the full Republican field to contend with. The barking dog ad he or a PAC did was darn effective and Trump's got lots of material to work with against this very vulnerable Democrat. The Dems have probably gone out of their way to find a neutral VP candidate but what they think of as neutral is about get some scrutiny.