Wednesday, July 27, 2016


     FWP: (peering dourly at the CSO’s deli sandwich) How can you eat that?
     CSO: (shrugs) I like it.

     FWP: It’s all fat!
     CSO: Well, I didn’t ask for “extra lean.”

     FWP: I don’t get it. They take the cheapest, fattiest cut from the cow, soak it in hair dye, slice it up, hang an Italian’s name on it, and you guys have it for lunch.
     CSO: Huh? An Italian?

     FWP: Yeah, Giuseppe Pastrami, 14th century Italian astronomer. You didn’t know?
     CSO: Oh. I thought it was named after that Indian guru, Pah Strami.

     (You might find it hard to believe, but the conversation got sillier from there. However, at this point transcription will cease, to preserve whatever shreds of my reputation remain un-tattered.)

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