Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Scum of the earth ignore expert opinion!

From a truly diseased article in Foreign Policy:
One of the most brazen features of the Brexit vote was the utter repudiation of the bankers and economists and Western heads of state who warned voters against the dangers of a split with the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron thought that voters would defer to the near-universal opinion of experts; that only shows how utterly he misjudged his own people.[1]
Dire implications for France, the U.S., other European nations: appearance of far-right nativist parties, one of which "traffics in Nazi symbolism."

If only the trash would listen to "the experts." All our factories could go to Mexico and China, our military could be turned into a freak show, we could wage endless war to vindicate no known U.S. interest, white people could end up a minority in our own country, the poisonous black underclass could be subsidized and worshiped, homosexuals could be turned into a protected class, spending and debt could go through the roof, illegal third-world immigrants could take jobs from Americans, murderous Islam could imported to blight our land, universities could cower before their ignorant customers, and our Constitution could be trashed.

[1] "It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses." By James Traub, Foreign Policy, 6/28/16.

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