Monday, July 11, 2016

Deep Discounts On High-Grade Entertainment! (UPDATED)

     Now hear this, all you Gentle Readers too impoverished (or too chintzy) to fork out $2.99 for one of my eBooks:

During July, all my novels are available at half price – $1.50 each – at Smashwords.

     Get ‘em while they’re hot, folks. (However, operators are not standing by. And no, you won’t get a free Ginsu knife with your purchase.)

     UPDATE: I’ve lowered the price of Love In The Time Of Cinema to $0.99. This new price will be permanent.

     Please mention this to anyone who reads romance E-books. I need the sales.


  1. Already got it from Amazon... wasn't looking for bargain. BTW, I commented on your first ad about "Love...Cinema" and it was on for a day, then gone. Guess I said sumpin wrong...? Nevertheless I am enjoying the book... (would like a new set of Ginsu, though other ones got dull real fast)

  2. It's still there, Jack. I just looked.

  3. oopsie daisy... I didn't go back far enough... and there is a good reason for that (, 'excuse') The 26th was my 77th birthday, so
    why would I wanna go back there? Thanks fer checkin'

  4. Well, Happy Birthday! May God grant you the best of health to the very instant He calls you back to Him!

  5. Francis. have you had any conversation with Castalia house about them picking up your work? At least then there would be a paperback option.


  6. No, I haven't, Anon. My sense for that house is that it wouldn't be much interested in my stuff. But that could be merely leftover rejection sentiment from being turned down by every publisher I or any of my various agents ever approached. At any rate, I'm reluctant to go through that again.

  7. I just discovered your "Realm of Essences" series. Read the first three over the weekend, and am starting on number 4 today. Amazon Kindle editions for $3 apiece. Guffaws, tears, wonder. Bravo, sir!

  8. Thank you, Bill. You might consider posting reviews of the books you've enjoyed at Amazon. I'd appreciate it greatly.


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