Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Marxist dystopia.

America, the extraordinary experiment in self government, has evolved into a joke. Consider this from the party that has run it for the last 28 years (and, let it be said, Ronald "Trust but verify" Reagan was fine with open borders):
Tim Kaine, the perfect persona of the non-threatening, white, do-gooding, suburban squish, who speaks Espanol to boot. A non-threatening but “Catholic” face to serve as cover for alpha female/pen_s envy Hil_LIAR-y and the Dem/Marxist platform:
  • abortion on demand for women so “they can have it all”;
  • socially destructive welfare/affirmative action aka Black Skin Privilege for A/As;
  • amnesty/open borders/affirmative action aka Brown Skin Privilege for Hispanics;
  • gender neutral toilets for TGs; and
  • oppressive EPA regulation to appease the “the end is near” global warming alarmists, etc.

It’s the ticket to Marxist—Hil_LIARy, Obama, Sanders--dystopia.

Comment by Mike Ludwig on "The Hillary Watch. Hillary Tells It Like It Ain’t." By George Neumayr, The American Spectator, 7/27/16 (emphasis and bullets added).

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