Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rape And Islam

     The rash of rapes and other sexual assaults erupting in European districts where Muslim “refugees” have been permitted to mass has left a lot of commentators tongue-tied. On the one hand, they’re well aware that the rapists and molesters are Muslims, and that the general public is aware of that as well. On the other, they fear for their lives, jobs, broadcast licenses, and so forth should they dare to imply, however delicately, that Islam’s adherents as a group are more inclined toward sexual violence than other demographics.

     But then, there’s a lot – both about sex and about the cultures where Islam flourishes – that no one wants to discuss.

     I wrote, some years ago:

     Though the language seems brusque, even a bit savage, the principal fulfillment to the man is that of conquest: winning access to the body of his lover. The principal fulfillment to the woman is that of agreeable surrender: the cession of her body to his, not merely for immediate pleasure but also in hope of a union that will last well beyond the physical connection. These satisfactions greatly overshadow those of the body, despite all attempts to assert the contrary.

     This is the aspect of sex relations that writers typically refuse to mention: its undercurrent of aggression, which is – girls, hold onto your boyfriends – the man’s province. He and she both know, subconsciously, that the initiative is his. The decision about whether to respond affirmatively is hers...among civilized people.

     Among other things, civilized people hold that one’s body is one’s property, with all the rights pertaining thereto. Criminals excepted, civilized people don’t invade other people’s property. Here in the U.S., that’s considered a sound justification for homicide. Indeed, until about 1940, there were states where rape was considered a capital crime.

     But Middle Eastern Muslims are not civilized people. The sole civilized region in the Middle East is Israel, where Muslims do not predominate. And if I may “repurpose” an old maxim, you can take the Muslim out of the Middle East, but you can’t take the Middle East out of the Muslim.

     In the Muslim Middle East, all relations are about power.

     The principal difference between the civilized man and the savage is this: the civilized man, cognizant of the rights of others, will restrain himself from aggressing against those rights even when it would be to his profit and he’s certain he could get away with it. From this perspective, the criminal is a kind of savage, a throwback to Hobbes’s “war of each against all.”

     A civilized society is one whose uncivilized fraction is recognized and treated as such If it is small enough to be managed institutionally, it will erect institutions to do so; if not, that society is in a state of upheaval that will eventually cause a civil war or a descent into savagery...and possibly both.

     By that standard, the Muslim Middle East is not civilized. It’s a place of perpetual aggression – including sexual aggression against women who have been bludgeoned into accepting that they have no rights against any man. A Middle Eastern Muslim woman is always the property of some man – usually a husband or father. It’s equally significant that Middle Eastern preteen and adolescent boys are frequently made into sexual playthings by older men, emphasizing and perpetuating the only-power-counts ethic of that region.

     Part of the reason Islam took firm root among the peoples of the Middle East is that it ratifies such practices.

     Among civilized people, the aggression inherent in sex is tamed and made acceptable by a number of legal and social constraints. The most important ones are the laws against sexual trespass and the binding nature of a marital commitment voluntarily entered into by both parties.

     Note how this contrasts with the practices of the Muslim Middle East. It’s essentially impossible to prosecute a man for rape in that region, owing to the Islamic requirement for four male witnesses to the act. Moreover, a woman who alleges rape and fails to produce four such witnesses can then be tried and convicted for adultery or fornication and stoned to death. The connection to the “honor killings” of women and young girls by male relatives who suspect them of dalliances should be too obvious to require comment.

     Note that rape, sexual assault, and “honor killings” among Muslims in America are far rarer than in any other place where significant numbers of Muslims can be found. There are several contributory factors:

  • Some degree of acculturation;
  • America’s legal system, which isn’t Islam-compliant;
  • The prevalence of armed American husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons;
  • American women’s political and social power: far greater than their counterparts in other lands.

     However, such things do occur, especially in areas that have become Islamic exclaves and can therefore be covered up by the surrounding community. Islam tolerates Muslim men’s worst sexual aggressions and condones – even encourages – the reduction of women to property. When they can get away with it, they replicate the Middle Eastern pattern wherever they are.

     The governing elites of Europe have decided, sotto voce, to let them get away with it.

     If you wish a civilized society, in which a woman’s body is her recognized, rightful property and not to be trespassed upon, you cannot accept Islam or the Middle Eastern cultures from which it sprang. Yet Europe has opened its doors – admittedly, under some external pressure – to a flood of Muslim migrants, a great proportion of them young men. The consequences are only what one who understands the Middle East’s power-obsession and Islam’s attitude toward the female body would have expected.

     It’s not impossible that the pattern might someday be reproduced here in America. Perhaps that’s among the reasons our governing elites, who have been spreading a welcome mat for tens of thousands of Muslim migrants despite widespread resistance to the idea, are so anxious to take our guns from us. It would be a poor sort of “official welcome” to the Islamic horde to discipline it to civilized sexual norms under threat of death by armed and enraged male relative. The matter – both Muslim men’s tendency to rape and molest, and our authorities’ seeming eagerness to have them here – deserves a great deal more attention and discussion than it’s received.

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Malatrope said...

Fran, you left out that rape as one of the weapons of Jihad, specifically, is feeding what is happening in Europe. Europe is being conquered. It is specifically being destroyed demographically. Rape produces children.

Muslims in Europe, involved directly in an invasion and a campaign of conquest, are injecting their gametes into the geography. The end game is obvious.

It is not simply lust and the exercise of power between individuals. European civilization itself is literally being bred to death.

That abortion is available doesn't really compute to most of these sons of darkness. You might spend a productive column contemplating whether it is justified in this exact situation.