Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Conservatives" unmasked.

One of the great, great side benefits of the rise of Trump is the slipping of the mask of the smug, lilly-livered, lying, sneaky, conniving, useless, posturing, sellout oxygen thieves of the "right" who have cried mighty rivers of tears over the lost greatness of the American republic, limited government, and constitutionalism but done bugger all to reverse our slide into being a nation that is nothing more than a formless, brown, third-world glop.

On one of the most fundamental aspects of our Western tradition, Kevin Williamson had this to say:

As National Review #NeverTrump-er Kevin Williamson has suggested, “"the Democratic party and its undemocratic ‘superdelegate’ system sure is looking smart right about now."[1]
Nothing vexes these latte-drinking grandees than to have the unwashed citizens of fly-over country actually decide to change the political and social course of the country. They're perfectly comfortable with any measure that debases the Constitution so long as it can be squeezed under the heading of "market-based" and "meritocratic." An efficient, meritocratic tyranny is just the ticket. They will bow down before some pale, flaccid abstraction and spit on actual flesh-and-blood fellow citizens and the plain wording of the Constitution.

I think American politicians accrued a lot of trust and credibility in the long struggle with Stalinism and other forms of communist terror even though they were incapable of putting their finger on what exactly it was about communist theory that guaranteed the disasters their governments effected. To this day, communism is no more threatening than Christian Science or Mormonism to the smart set. Nonetheless, the general competence and patriotism visible in most of the major actors of those times was appreciated and we knew the general course of the nation was a correct one.

However, that trust and credibility spilled over into the politics that ensued after the fall of the Soviet Union and the morons and traitors who rose to prominence busily concerned themselves with locating and combating chimeras and will-o'-the-wisps like badness, un-Chinese dictators (brutal), "Islamism," "terror," "radical fundamentalist, Islamic Jihad," and the ghost of Josef Stalin risen from the grave to re-occupy the Kremlin in the person of the most evil man on the planet, Vladimir Putin. Not counting Bashar Assad of Syria. Words cannot describe the evil nature of that man.

If I ask how did we come to be ruled by such dweebs, twinks, and twits, the answer is that we either inherited them or they poured out of the woodwork of trusted institutions like cockroaches in the dark. We thought that today is like yesterday and there must have been some logical laying on of hands.

The full extent of the populist fury that's been fermenting and boiling up is not yet known but you can be sure that a lot of regular Americans are wide awake to the betrayals of the elites and the contempt they have for us.

[1] "If Trump Loses, a “Transformed” GOP Might Not Get a Second Chance." By Jim Jatras, Chronicles, 7/25/16.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Williamson and others of his ilk need to learn some real history. When peaceful means are denied then of course violence is dusted off and used. Not at all what I'd want to see in these United States but human nature does not change that much and history if not repeating rhymes very well.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The great Solzhenitsyn spoke of the "pitiless crowbar of events" as eventually crashing into the world of those who maintain an armor around their minds. That applies up and down the line.

I am truly unable to understand how powerful delusions can affect so many at one time and be so tenacious, so impervious to contrary information. Addicts engage in very destructive behavior and it doesn't get more up close and personal when you wake up in the gutter, you've lost your job, and your spouse walks out. For the low-bottom drunks it takes an absolutely devastated life to turn them around. I guess there must be a political, social, and economic analogue to this but why it's so widespread and uniform puzzles me. Why is it only ONE really terrible idea that is so captivating? E.g., socialism.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps socialism is such a strong siren song because it is disguised in language that hides its true nature. Even when its true nature smacks one in the face it is denied. Here are two examples.

I work in an industry that has been hit hard by Obamacare. When I pointed out that layoffs were a direct consequence of Obamacare and the history of voting that led to its imposition it caused quite a spat. Indeed some of those who have met the consequence of their actions will no longer interact more than necessary with those who hold the view they have reaped what they have sown. It cannot be their fault because they had/have good intentions. This sadly is with people who hold high level post graduate degrees.

In this same group of highly educated people it can be quite difficult to point out that a flat tax does make the rich pay more. Of course, none think they are rich but have not done the math and realized they are in the top 20% or higher of income earners in this country. They cheerily call for 'taxing the rich' but never think about what this means in general for them. Like the drunk, when all is taken from them they may realize the price but it will be too late.

If politicians would say exactly what they intend and how they will fund it socialism, communism, gun control, and a host of other policies would never ever gain traction. However, the nice language allows for denial of the true meaning while allowing some to 'feel' like they are good people who care. The power of the human mind to maintain delusions is amazing. It appears liberalism/progressivism is indeed a mental disease that causes an inability to recognize and/or deal with reality.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Regular people don't care for lording it over others and so attend to their own affairs on the assumption that the anointed ones are certifiable patriots and will keep the theft of the palace silver within acceptable limits. When neither of these is identifiable in the elite, regular people get uneasy and, as the evidence keeps flooding in, get downright furious. I've always believed that a sure way to defuse tension between me and others is to make sure that they get their say. People don't necessarily have to win a debate but they do want to be heard. Subject them to 50 years of being ignored and you are looking at a lot of people who want to break furniture. This perseveration of the "conservatives" on whether Trump is a true conservative misses the point.

The modern state and economy serve to strengthen the state and isolate the individual. Law suits and vicious federal prosecutions can go a long way to keep people submissive. But legitimacy hinges on the government's ability to provide security and on grocery shelves and EBT cards being well stocked. It's not certain that any of these will be true in the near future.

Joseph said...

Wait a moment... Didn't "flyover country" go for Cruz?

What's the matter with Kansas? Not a thing. I can't say the same for New York or Massachusetts.