Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Shootings

     I didn’t want to write this piece. I had a cheerful, fiction-oriented theme to pursue today, and the obligation I feel to address this subject instead has me seething.

     Quite a few members of the DextroSphere Commentariat have been casting about for reasons to believe that things aren’t all that bad...that there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon, and that we can reach it if we can just stir enough good people into getting off their asses. As my Gentle Readers will already know, I’ve been taking the negative in such discussions. I feel that any unjustified optimism will work against us, in both the near and the far terms.

     Yet even I had no idea just how bad things have become. That might still be the case.

     I’ve argued that there’s a race war in progress. The linked piece is nearly three years old. Over the time since then, many persons have strained to the utmost to pour oil on our troubled racial waters...and have seen that oil burst into flames. Yet they don’t do the logical thing: they don’t identify the persons or groups doing the igniting. They’re reluctant to allocate and apportion the responsibility for our situation.

     Is it fear of personal reprisals? Perhaps, on the parts of some. But in the great majority of cases it’s simply an unwillingness to admit that there are villains among us. Villains, once identified, must be dealt with, as harshly as necessary:

     “How do you think [Louis would] feel about this, Chris?”
     She sighted along the blade of the K-Bar, saw no burrs or chips, and sheathed it carefully in her boot.
     “I don’t know, Malcolm. Probably, he’d hate it. For all that he could whip a whole regiment with nothing but a handful of pine needles, he didn’t like himself better for it. He said he let Tiny live to send a message to the rest of them. I always figured it was just as much because he didn’t have the heart to kill him, once the bastard was down and helpless.”
     The old warrior nodded. “He was a good man.”
     “Oh, the best. There’ll never be a better one, take it from me. But he let Tiny live, and now I have to do this. I figured something out today, Malcolm. Want to hear it?”
     Loughlin’s head came up, and she looked him in the eyes.
     “Once you know a man deserves to die, you have to kill him. If you don’t, you’re committing a crime against everyone who doesn’t deserve to die. If you get him down but can’t bring yourself to do it, and he gets up off the mat and kills you instead, you’re only getting what you deserve yourself.”

     ...and few of us are willing to accept the moral obligation or the responsibility for the consequences.

     Therein lies the rub. There are no exemptions from natural law. It operates regardless of how we feel about it, and one of its imperative clauses is that villains must be dealt with. It’s not a job one can least, not in full.

     So instead Americans gawk in horror at the casualties of this open, flying-lead shooting war, shake their heads, and say “It must be mere happenstance. No one could possibly want a race war. After all, who would profit?”

     Which is, indeed, the heart of the matter.

     Paul Kersey often refers to “BRA:” Black Run America. His interpretation of the term differs slightly from what you might expect. It’s not about Obama, at least not entirely. It’s more about the system of differential privilege that’s been erected in law and social custom: a two-tier system wherein dark skinned persons, particularly the sort called “African-American,” are entitled to flout laws and social norms to which light skinned persons must conform.

     The existence of such a scheme automatically creates a class structure. A privileged class is a ruling class: an aristocracy. Such aristocracies have never been shy about exploiting their privileges to the hilt.

     The most important aspect of this state of affairs is the ability of black racialist mouthpieces to incite racial hatred yet exculpate themselves from the consequences. They and the organizers of groups such as Black Lives Matter – and don’t kid yourself; this is a top-down undertaking structured as carefully as any military organization – are able to fan the flames of black racism toward whites yet remain untouched when that racism blossoms into a raging inferno. They succeed at this merely by not being among the rioters, the looters of defenseless retail stores, or the trigger-pullers. They whip their allegiants into a frenzy that demands expression in violent action. Then they hide behind their cannon fodder.

     You know their names. We all do. Whether the metric is money, power, or prestige, have they suffered or profited from the violence they’ve ignited?

     Behavior that produces a profit will be emulated by those who seek such profits for themselves. The profits accruing to black racialists are considerable. They don’t emanate solely from their black followers.

     They must be delegitimized.

     At this time it can’t be done through the law. The law is capable only of pursuing those who break it, and the racialist standard-bearers have been careful not to do so in a prosecutable fashion. It can only be done culturally: by limiting their access to the media megaphones, and by giving their operations the public denunciations they deserve.

     The most important part of this effort must be carried out by decent American blacks. It stands to reason: black tribalism is far stronger than white tribalism, which implies that exhortations and denunciations of the sort I advocate here will receive far more respect from blacks if emitted by black speakers and opinion makers. For every Ta-Nehisi Coates there must be two or more Thomas Sowells – and the Sowells’ condemnations of the Coates’s must be unsparing and widely disseminated.

     Whites can be most effective in another venue. Far too many whites react to black vitriol – even to black violence – by excusing it. Such persons are collaborators with the enemy. They must be shouted down, condemned as foes of civil society who are passively collaborating in its destruction. This is imperative. Excusing villainy makes one an accomplice to the villain.

     In this connection, the idiotic notion that black hatred and violence is the justifiable response to past racial injustices must be a principal target. First, even before the Civil War, very few persons owned slaves. Second, those slaves contributed solely to a narrow slice of the agrarian South; they did not “build America.” Third, the overwhelming majority of Americans alive today are descended from immigrants who never had anything to do with the institution of slavery. Fourth and last, residual racism among whites dropped to a record low level in the Sixties; virtually no black alive in America today has ever been legally or socially disadvantaged by white racism...which is part of the reason for mushrooming white resentment toward ever-escalating black demands for special privileges and “reparations.”

     No one of any race is exempt from the moral obligation to play his part, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

     I harbor no illusions; the years have burned them out of me. There will be more black violence against whites. There will be more black agitation, disturbances, and demands. There will be some pushback from decent Americans – black and white – but it will be insufficient, at least in the near term.

     Massing an opposing force adequate to stem the tide will take time. It will encounter resistance. For a while, at least, it will appear a hopeless effort in a cause already lost. But there is no alternative.

     “Take your choice – there is no other – and your time is running out.” -- Atlas Shrugged


TnDoc said...

You're not alone, been thinking the same thing. Wish it was different but it's not unfortunately. The morons keep pushing and pushing...gonna be a backlash at some point.

PolyKahr said...


I fear you are right. Keep your powder dry at at the ready.

AKA PolyKahr

Anonymous said...

When Black People do rage cities burn. When White People do rage continents burn.

Anonymous said...

Given the absence of a legal remedy, and the fact that the 'black community' simply is not going to denounce its most obnoxious and corrosive leaders, ever, at what point does it become moral to start holding the carefully coiffed Sharptons, Jacksons and their predatory ilk accountable via the same means that Micah Johnson held the Dallas PD accountable?

The agitators are a problem, a lethal problem, that needs to be fixed, and hoping for the 'black community' to do something that it absolutely will not do is not a plan.

To quote someone on the internet, "villians, once identified, must be dealt with, as harshly as necessary." They will not be delegitimized. “Take your choice – there is no other – and your time is running out.”

We'reAlmostThere said...

Black Lives Matter is civilization jihad at its finest. Muslim Bro'hood got game. We are not in the game except as spectators. Got to know your enemy and the deceit involved in coopting useful idiots in the ultimate goal...domination of Western Civ by implementing sharia law. Its a long con, incremental, inexorable, and perfect for minds which are confused by emotion. "Father. forgive them for they know not what they do." Stephen said likewise as he was stoned. Righteous men on both sided of this lunacy gonna die. It is difficult to contemplate, in role playing, scenarios of extreme prejudice. I hope I made sense.

Chas said...

I believe the whites enabling and protecting them must be dealt with first.

George True said...

No members of the black community will speak out against any black agitators. The government and the government media complex will continue to enable and succor the agitators and their useful idiot mobs, while simultaneously excoriating, marginalizing, and intimidating any white who dares to point out the obvious. There will be no resolution. We are headed for a fully Balkanized Amerika, divided by race, religion, ideology, and cultural ethnicity. All allegiance will be strictly tribal. Regarding white vs black, we are witnessing the beginning of The Turner Diaries come to life. But in this version, the whites as a whole are way behind the curve, and are themselves fractured into different tribes with fundamentally incompatible ideologies. I do not see any light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Silly wabbit!

Only Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakook are allowed to yell 'Fire' in a crowded plantation house.

Called 'black privilege.'

sarc off.

robins111 said...

I expect that before too long, a bunch of annoyed white people will start to respond to the BLM thugs, by recreating the Beltway Sniper thingee, they'll target the BLM types, and when they are not available will start dropping anyone available... Matt Bracken pretty much pegged this in one of his articles I give it about a month and it'll be happening.

Anonymous said...

In the 1960's Jomo Kenyatta and the Mau Mau did some very bad things to whites in Kenya. The whites caved. Jomo was a contemporary of Hussein Obama's father. Read about it, think about it and reflect on today's South Africa. Whitey you are doomed if you do not arm up and fight back now. Hussein has studied this and you have studied DWTS.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, because I have friends - coparishioners even - of every race, who I consider brothers in Christ; we shall be pushed/prodded/herded into an ugly phase. One's skin color will become the 'uniform'... and, as there is still a Caucasian majority; armed with weaponry, support, and other numerous advantages; over our darker hued brethren... many will die. On both sides. My fervent prayer is that a benevolent and loving God will stop us short of genocide. The issue then is free will... and I am not so arrogant as to believe the Almighty will 'protect us' from the wrath we ask for... My prayer now is for safety for those who seek His face, first; and then for courage for those who know what they must do. - Grandpa

swampfox said...

Seems the cards are stacked against the White man. If we do nothing, we are going down the drain peacefully giving our freedom and liberty away. If we fight back ( against over whelming odds I might add ) we might loose our freedom, but it will be taken from us, not given away.

Anonymous said...

Did my comment regarding David Clarke get lost or did it not match the narrative? Your blog, you are certainly have moderation authority.

ragman said...

Excellent article and comments! Blacks have been spending their welfare money on bling, hos, grills, dope and hoopty garbage for "they rides". White folks have been arming up and buying ammo, mags and other useful items. BLM should be careful what they wish for.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Anonymous: I don't see it, and I didn't reject it, so Google/Blogger must have dropped it. Be of good cheer. It's not the first time.

christiangustafson said...

$USD currency collapse will end the welfare state overnight. It's a good idea to get your affairs in order before then.