Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1285 Years Ago...

...the Battle of Tours stopped the Muslim invasion of France dead in its tracks.

Until now.

Charles Martel I - also Known as Charles the Hammer

The Hammer shown is the means that the Franks used to break the shields of the Islamic forces.

Baldilocks has a wonderful antidote to all of the yuckky stories about sexual abuse of young actresses, NK belligerence, and NFL virtual-signaling. Go read it now. It's a reminder that true heroes surround us.

Got time for just ONE more story about a Weinstein victim? She talks from the point of view of a victim's advocate, which field she is involved in today. For those saying that the women were complicit in their abuse:
Why is it that women carry the shame of their abusers? We deplore the ‘honor killings’ and Old Testament thinking that blames a woman for getting into a situation where she becomes vulnerable, and yet that is exactly what is happening to the women who have spoken openly about Harvey’s abuse.
 It's something to think about.

I've been reading the half-hearted condemnation of many of Hollywood's women, who insist that THEY never saw that side of Harvey. And I think:


They are just embarrassed about the deal they made with their conscience - to go along, placating this very powerful man, in the expectation that their careers would be advanced. They don't want to admit that they profited from their silence.

The Collectivist Nature of Women is one that drives me nuts. I'm a natural loner (Daddy's WV roots manifested in me most strongly), and generally don't participate in the female pile-on of men in their lives, otherwise known as a B!tch Session.

I remember what Fran wrote a while back on the subject of Joiners.

And this, also.

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Reg T said...

It has never ceased to appall me how many women think the worst and speak the worst of other women who have found themselves in such dire straits. "She must have wanted it, or she wouldn't have dressed like that", and similar such crap. I'm sure the women who worked with Cosby (if that story is true) _wanted_ to be drugged and molested without their free and conscious consent, aren't you?

Sometimes I imagine those women who judge so quickly and easily might simply be jealous of the attention, no matter how foul the approach.