Thursday, October 5, 2017

Voluntary Racial Separation For The Reduction Of Racial Tensions

     Jared Taylor thinks it’s possible:

     ...but is it? Is there any possibility of removing the coercive racial-integration-minded hand of the federal government (and many state governments as well) from America’s demographic distribution patterns?

     Consider the thorough colonization of governments at all levels by “Social Justice Warriors,” whose entire reason for being seems to be condemning white Americans for “racism,” compelling us to accept racial integration despite its well documented, deleterious effects on our communities, and draining us of our wealth and freedom for programs that supposedly address the social and economic “problems” of black Americans. Consider the spinelessness of conservative politicians when called to the defense of Americans’ right to be left alone, to live as we choose, to work with whom we choose, and to associate with whom we choose. And consider the many black racialist groups and mouthpieces who’ve made a living out of dunning white America for its supposed racial sins. How likely is the voluntary separation of the races when all of that is taken into account?

     Is it any more likely than the wholesale acceptance by black Americans of the propositions that:

  1. They’re not oppressed,
  2. That white Americans owe them absolutely nothing,
  3. And that the preferential treatment they receive inflames racial tensions and must be ended?

     Thoughts, Gentle Readers?


Col. B. Bunny said...

It's the only solution. Demographics work insidiously, invisibly, slowly, and inexorably to effect major ethnic and racial changes in a society. So too with cities that gradually acquire 20% and above black populations. 100% guaranteed effect of that is -- drum roll -- the destruction of that city as a peaceful, civilized place to live and work.

Why should we all pat ourselves on our back because we're so tolerant and benevolent and watch this happen. It will. All cities will be trashed.

Urbane is an admired characteristic and had it's origin in people having the benefit of urban residence where they might learn to improve their thinking and behavior from observing the habits of mind and conduct of people with some cultivation.

Now "urban" means "hellish, nasty, violent, and degraded." Why should we accept this as inevitable?

Let's see black strut they stuff and take a shot at showing us why it was that they "was kangs and ____."

Unknown said...

Any attempt at that in the USA would be met (by the Left) with,

"What?! After all you racists *stole* from us??! First, we'll liberate all you own as reparations, then we'll decide what to do with your corpse."

So, I don't see it happening "voluntarily," unless you include a bloody civil-type war as "voluntary."

Reg T said...

Randy Weaver wasn't - as the media lied - a white supremacist. He was a _separatist_. That is why he was living way out of town, in the country.

There are many of us who have chosen that path. Some of us because we just don't like cities, or even towns. Some of us because we know we will live more pleasantly by remaining apart.

The Left loves the State, the "father of all". They love fascism - the binding of the separate into the collective, as illustrated by Mussolini, the father of fascism, with the symbol of the original fasces - a bundle of rods bound together surrounding an axe, a symbol of authority in Roman times. Individuals aren't important, except as an insignificant part of the collective - and _bound_ into it.

They will never willingly allow a member of their collective to exist without being bound by the will of the State, in service to the State, and never to be separate from the State.

So, I don't believe it will ever happen, unless they are forced to accept it - literally, through the application of force. And, even if we are somehow successful in accomplishing that, we will have to continually fight to maintain that status, or we will end up right back where we currently find ourselves, having let it slip away, many years ago.

Those on the Left are incapable of accepting our living separately as a permanent condition. Any more than they would allow some inconvenient intra-uterine "tissue" to interfere with their lives in any meaningful way.

jabrwok said...

Short of cheap access to outer space, and inexpensive construction of megastructure habitats on the scale of Bishop Rings (they don't have to be 2,000 kilometers in diameter, 200 would probably be enough), we're probably out of luck.

*Given* the technology to build and access such structures, you'll see some significant White Flight from the Earth, and a voluntary social experiment the likes of which mankind has never before seen.

I wish I could live to see it, if it ever happens at all.