Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Birth Control and A Sensible Solution

Betsy's Page has a link to some sensible ideas about handling BC for women, without having to trample over the beliefs of those who oppose using their money for that purpose. The link is to - a libertarian site.


John C. said...

As usual when the left talks birth control they talk only about women as though men have no part in the equation. I assume that is why when the left talks birth control they never seem to mention condoms which are cheap, available without a prescription and can be carried for use at a moments notice. Oh, and condoms can be purchased without a prescription by both men and women. The only time condoms enter the leftist birth control dialogue is when they want to use them to show five year olds how to properly have (safe) anal sex.

The only reason for birth control pills need to require a prescription is so under age kids can't get them without their parents permission but that ship has sailed, struck an iceberg and sank.

Linda Fox said...

Well, despite 'female condoms', this is a male-control device. If the man won't cooperate, it does not help women.

However, there is foam - which, with condoms, has a higher effectiveness than any other BC method, in actual, not theoretical, use. Both cheap.

The above methods work best in a stable relationship, not random sex.

John C. said...

Sorry Linda, but short of forcible rape nothing regarding sex is male-controlled. If the man won't cooperate the man gets no booty.

BB-Idaho said...

If I understand the legal ramifications, "the beliefs of those who oppose using their money for that purpose" falls outside the religious objection to birth control. On the other hand, I have been unable to locate which Bible verse addresses birth control pills.