Thursday, October 26, 2017


And what alarms "the establishment leaders of both parties" is not Trump's personality, but his forceful dissent from globalism and praise for policies those establishment leaders have long dismissed as relics from "50 years back" or even "the 19th century." But what the upholders of the establishment consensus have not fully reckoned with is that the only reason Americans began listening to Donald Trump is because the globalism that leaders of both parties have offered voters for so long has been a disaster for much of America and many Americans.[1]
This is an insightful observation. Mr. Piatak also reports on some of Bush '43s recently expressed views which reveal him a a globalist putz, absolutely clueless about the land whose president he was for eight too-long years.

[1] "The Blast of the Globalists." By Tom Piatak, Chronicles, 10/23/17 (emphasis added).

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