Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why the Alt-Right.

Equality is a false god. Madly pursuing gender equality or racial equality or any equality for that matter is a road to nowhere except misery and serfdom.

Aspiring to enforce any moral system, including but not limited to the Cultural Marxist moral system currently being enforced in the Western World, down to trivial and minor and private activities, down to the level of personal preference, words, free association, customer choice, political values, etc. is itself the root of totalitarianism. The Alt-Right only exists because the actual right doesn’t seem capable of addressing this mother of all issues, and because of that, it cannot possibly save America or anything in America worth saving, including but not limited to the race that founded and forged it.

" America Became 1984 In 1964, Civil Rights was the first step in the march towards Totalitarianism." By Guest Writer,, 10/11/17.

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