Sunday, October 1, 2017

We're back.

We just finished making a move to a new house. Great house but misery on a stick to make it happen. Great movers. Very pleasant and polite and they worked at warp speed.

I took the dog for a walk up the hill out back and walked over or on, I don't know, a nest of yellow jackets. I got stung 10 times for my trouble with three of the wasps crawling under my shirt. They wasps pursued us for 100 yards and back inside the house I pulled about six from the dog's fur and hunted down the rest of 15 that had followed us inside. Revenge is plotted. Interesting wasp fact. The males die off in the winter leaving only the queen to hibernate and build a new nest in the spring.

For a trap, the top of a large soda pop bottle can be cut off and inverted in the bottle over a solution of vinegar and a tad of detergent with a bit of raw meat suspended over the liquid. Hang by a wire somewhere.

Don't squash wasps outside as this releases chemicals that attracts other aggressive wasps.

Anyway, I'll slowly be returning to my usual fitful schedule of insightful and witty, but hate-filled, posts. Thanks to my loyal readers and the SPLC for checking in faithfully while I've been offline.


Reg T said...

You may already be aware, but the application of household ammonia (clear, not with additives) ASAP to bee/wasp stings and mosquito bites will relieve most of the pain or itching. Works for jellyfish stings, too (like blue man-o'-war down in Florida that wash up on the beach).

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Reg. I didn't know that but will bear that in mind in case my revenge plot goes wrong!