Thursday, October 5, 2017

The return of scarcity and the presence of the barbarians.

There is a reason why fortifications are to be found everywhere in Europe. From the Roman Empire, through the dark ages and into era of modern states, the need to protect one’s borders was essential to national survival. The reason for these fortifications was that there was simply not enough to go around. People who do not have enough tend to take what they need. The ancients knew this and the fairly recent moderns knew this. Then the new world order mime was sold to the general populace. Scarcity and inequality was hidden from the public view. When it did rear its head, the elites sold the argument that they could manage any problem by with creative financing.

The new world order was a great fantasy of guaranteed minimum living standards, opulence for the general populace and a world without borders. It was a fantasy where the entire world was populated by beautiful twenty somethings whose lives would be filled with camaraderie, great foods and panoramic vistas. In this fantasy, one would never grow old. No one would ever actually have to work because scarcity was simply a distribution problem. Concerns over productive capacity and resources were so 19th century. A few mouse clicks and the immediate allocation of conjured currency would solve whatever problems arose.

The North Sea is running out of oil. Coal mines are getting deeper and farther away. Natural gas has to be imported. Nuclear power is inherently dangerous. Solar and wind are intermittent power sources. Agriculture is dependent on inclement weather. Sustainability of the status quo is in question. Scarcity once again is rearing its head.

The countryside is being overrun by a host of young men of a different race and a different culture. Those young men hold a world view that is in direct conflict with the imagined world of the globalists. Even more dangerous is the fact that that world view embraces a religion that is incompatible with western culture.

This current itineration [iteration?] of [a] thousand year old struggle will play out as it always has with ethnic cleansing and genocide. Europeans need to look to their past for clues on how to secure their personal security.[1]

Many interesting comments on the article in the note below. This one is particularly good. Sad to say I doubt President Trump has 1/100th of the insight that this person has. I'm glad Trump's there but I see no evidence of this kind of intellectual ability in him. A transitional leader, I suppose, who will be remembered fondly for having staved off something that emerged from under a rock some decades ago.

[1] Comment by Cloud9.5 on "Anna Bono: "There's No Future For Africans In Europe"." By Daniel Moscardi, Zero Hedge, 10/5/17.

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