Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New leftist media campaign on the killings in Las Vegas.

I was searching for "Geary Danley" on DuckDuckGo and think I see the foundation of a new leftist "fake news" campaign. The results show a number of sites trumpeting that Danley has been falsely identified by right wingers as the killer. This is bizarre since it seems perfectly clear who the man found in the hotel room was, namely, Stephen Paddock.

I encountered something on the web yesterday alleging that Danley has or had an AntiFa connection so I was searching to see if anything like that was coming to the surface. Idle curiosity on my part but it looks like Jornolist 2.0 is alive and well and coordinating leftist media themes. I'm not promoting the Danley-AntiFa link let it be said.

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