Thursday, October 26, 2017

The end of life as we know it.

A ruling for the bakery owner in the so-called “cake case” before the Supreme Court could inflict untold harm on gay people, true religious liberty, and civil rights.[1]
Sob! No more cakes!

If we aren't living in a fascist hell I don't know what one is.

[1] "A Baker’s Toxic Recipe for Discrimination." By Dorothy Samuels, The American Prospect, 10/18/17.


John C. said...

Just reading The American Prospect I descended into the despotic hellhole so often conjured up by leftist despots absolutely and uncompromisingly positive of the holy nature of their vision for mankind. The fact that they believe a court of law should be able to decide a point of faith and basically ignore the meaning behind "...nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.." or the fact that antidiscrimination laws fly in the face of Free assembly and in this case freedom of religion notwithstanding, their desire to force others to obey their personal moral code and therefore establish a de facto religion is The American Horror Story of the current left in our country. They have completely abandoned persuasion and embraced dictatorial force for political debate and wonder why conservatives and leftists "can't talk". The leftist mindset can't exist in Freedom and sadly I think they're winning. Every year American culture slides a bit more left.

Reg T said...

As someone else already said, if push comes to shove, we will be putting them down while they are still searching for the right bathroom.

They have decided that violence against peaceable conservatives is acceptable, and the law enforcement agencies of the warrens of the Left, such as Baltimore and Berkeley, are willing to allow then to act as if that is true. The "sleeping giant" of (armed) conservatism will be slow to respond, but when it does, useful idiots such as Antifa and BLM will wish they had been taught by their parents and their educational institutions to consider unintended consequences.

Reg T said...

You know, after a few more moments of consideration, I'm not actually certain there are enough remaining true conservatives to take down the Left along with those willing to be the minions, the myrmidons, of the Left. Many of us will probably have passed on before things get to the point of answering the Left's violence and oppression. I'd like to see it happen, as I don't believe anything else with suffice, but I don't think I will still be around if it ever does.

It would take a general uprising to accomplish anything useful. One or two of us acting alone would simply be categorized as "Paddocks", rather than patriots.