Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Busy, Busy

I'd been good for some time - posting regularly M, W, F - and occasional Sundays.

I blew it today. Completely forget to post something.

I've been looking at extending my reach - finding a way to capture the attention of people not already open to listening to Conservative/Libertarian/Non-Leftist views. I found that many of the most popular social media sites are slanted in favor of visual media.

Which, kinda sucks, as I am NOT talented in the area of the arts.

I am an embarrassed Fox.

Still, there may be some way to create some media that leads people back to here, to begin the process of educating them on the Many Things Our Overlords Would Rather They Not Know. I'm going to spend a few days playing around with this, and let you know what I found.

1 comment:

daniel_day said...

Looking forward to some enlightenment, Foxy One.