Thursday, October 5, 2017

Smart Spending on Anti-Terrorism

I've linked an article about some specific measures that could help reduce fatalities, by intelligent use of technology to allow response teams to get more real-time information, and also getting then to the scene quicker.

The real-time sensor/video technology is explained here.
A strong application is in accelerating response time, reducing staging time, and increasing precision of first responders acting in crisis situations such as when bomb threats have been received, when fire is detected, and in active shooting scenarios. Particularly in situations where first responders have limited knowledge of a facility and where the situation is dynamic and changing, does JedEye make an immediate and notable difference, saving life and property.
One of the big problems in active shooter situations is lack of knowledge - of the physical layout and of the location of victims and perps. Police and other responders want to limit further casualties, but delaying response is a major factor in poor outcomes in victims.

ShotSpotter is a technology that's been around for a while - when I taught Forensics, in 2012, I used an article about it in my class. This would be quite useful in cities, where the direction of the gunshots is often uncertain.

This is a more active system, where detection of a gunshot initiates a process, triggering doors to lock and compartmentalize the danger to a single location.

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