Friday, October 27, 2017

The End of the Organized Left?

This essay, by J. L. Dunn, is one example of why I like American Thinker. It's a potpourri of diverse voices, that is wide enough to encompass most of the non-Establishment Right.

The gist of it:
That is truth of this moment – the influence and networks of the left falling in on themselves out of sheer unworthiness to exist. They appear to be collapsing the way a building does when it undergoes demolition – one floor cascading onto another until nothing remains. The NFL threatens to also take down ESPN, a “sports network” to the left of MSNBC, while the Weinstein revelations have triggered public attacks and accusations against Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Oliver Stone – the three of them comprising the vanguard of Hollywood leftism.
Yet all attention on the right seems to be focused on a gang of undergrads in black hoodies and Guy Fawkes masks. How can we correlate the two – black-clad militants brash enough to threaten the government itself while their entire political/social superstructure collapses in ruins around them? On the face of it, it seems paradoxical. But there’s actually no contradiction at all. The one follows the other as sure as Stalin followed Lenin. The left has turned violent because it’s falling apart. They don’t have anything else. No plans, no prospects, no leadership. The left has failed, and violence is all that remains.

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