Saturday, October 14, 2017

Quickies: Who’s Watching Them Now?

     First, have some mood music from a few years back. Then perhaps we should turn the question inside out:

     Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews tweeted that if a new rule requiring professional football players to stand during the national anthem is instituted, he will quit the NFL. That was immediately after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement that all players should stand for the Anthem. Rumors followed that a rule was soon coming down.

     According to WSMV News 4, Matthews of the Tennessee Titans tweeted, “No I will be done playing football”. They grabbed a screenshot of the tweet which was quickly deleted.

     The player mentioned above is unknown to me. Then again, most NFL players are unknown to me. The rest will quickly become unknown, as we at the Fortress of Crankitude no longer watch NFL games. Herewith, three questions:

  • Who still watches NFL games?
  • Why?
  • What would cause him to refrain?

     The league might not be around too much longer. It’s already lost about a third of its viewership, and sponsors have noticed. Given that a typical NFL franchise spends by far the greater part of its revenues on player salaries, those salaries are swiftly becoming unaffordable. That should provide a rather stern lesson to Roger Goodell and his cronies, to say nothing of the several players who’ve “taken a knee” during the Star Spangled Banner to protest their “oppression.”

     Say, remember when the newly elected President Bill (not Hillary) Clinton promised us a Cabinet that “looks like America” -- ? Maybe if we had an NFL that “looks like America”...or at least, one that doesn’t sneer at us evil white folk...naah:

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