Saturday, January 12, 2013

Words Fail Me Dept.

I cannot believe anyone could be as stupid as the woman featured in this short video clip:

Stupid enough to have 15 children out of wedlock
Stupid enough to become engaged to a felon
And stupid enough to claim that "somebody has to pay for mah fifteen kids."

And people accuse me of heartlessness.


Adrienne said...

I've seen this before and I won't torture myself by watching again.

P.S. These people can vote. Oy vey!!!

Joseph said...

The Other Side will use this as a defense of abortion.

pdwalker said...

Welfarism! Because we're entitled to it!

furball said...

Oddly, this link is available at the end of the Youtube above. The girl is great!

Apparently, she has other videos. I haven't watched them. But the difference between the video Fran posted and this one is magnificent.

Dan said...

Sorry but if you truly can't believe that people such as this really do exist then you have led a remarkeably sheltered life. Stupid is rampant and thanks to LBJ and his successors we have allowed them to multiply at near astronomical rates. They now outnumber the rational members of society...thus we have the result of the past two elections.

Col. B. Bunny said...

If the shoe fits, Fran. If the shoe fits . . . .

pdxr13 said...

This is what happens when you take a species optimized for a high-death environment (sub-saharan Africa) and insert it into a future-oriented society with stored food and high-survival/low-death. You get fast multiplication, compounding to the limits of the system, and beyond, leading to "overshoot" then die-off to the new carrying capacity (lower than before).

I will not be the first to suggest that the long-term (generational) carrying capacity for this kind of behavior is approximately zero.

I am sympathetic about cold feral cats, too, but I don't invite them in and fill a bowl. Food and warmth are best used as bait for live trapping, and mandatory "fixing".