Saturday, March 15, 2014

An Ides Of March Victimism Review

"I love Mankind. It's people I can't stand." -- Origin unknown

Good morning, Gentle Reader. I'm in perhaps the foulest mood I've ever occupied -- persistent pain in all your major joints will do that to you, trust me on that -- so for today, let's have a brief survey of those charming types, seemingly multiplying beyond all limits, who feel the rest of us owe them and deem no tactic beneath them in seeking what they want.

First up are those lovable guys we simply can't get enough of, the Muslims:

DEARBORN — This week’s city council meeting started out on a positive note as the city honored former Seattle Seahawks assistant coach and Dearborn native Robert Saleh for his recent Super Bowl victory. However, the atmosphere at City Hall took a bizarre turn after a local Arab American confronted the council on what he said were “troubling issues in the city.”…

The highlight of the evening came at the very end during the public comment section, when a local Arab American took the podium to address concerns he had with the city. The man, who identified himself as Hassan, stated that he lived in Westland but had concerns he wanted to address as an individual who works in the city. He refused to publicly give his address fearing for the safety of his family.

After referencing Prophet Muhammad and loudly chanting Islamic prayers, Hassan said that the city needed to monitor neighborhood parks around the clock because people have been using them to conduct sexual activities. Council President Susan Dabaja, however, told him that the city doesn’t have the resources or money for increased security at parks and asked him to move on to his next point.

Hassan also stated that there were magazines and newspapers at the public libraries and civic center that can “cause colossal damage to a child’s health,” asking the city to review and monitor literature before they are distributed.

According to another report, "Hassan" cited shari'a law as the proper basis for his demands. However, that citation has not been confirmed by an independent source.

This is Muslim arrogance in its clearest, least obscure form: All shall conform to the dictates of Islam. The Prophet said it; how dare you barbaric Westerners defy him?

There are several million of these dictatorial savages in this country. More arrive daily. With every increment to their numbers, their demands become louder and more self-assured. Let that thought sink in for a moment or two.

Second on our Hate Parade are those champions of brotherly love and tolerance, America's militant homosexuals:

I have little use for Ezra Klein but I applaud him here for two things:

1. Hiring a guy who he knew would write things that his intended audience would react intolerantly towards.

2. Then defending his hiring of the guy, and imploring "liberals" to practice what they preach as regards tolerance for dissent.

The writer, Brandon Ambrosino, angered many on the intolerant left for writing that despite expecting to be shunned at his alma mater, Liberty University (a Christian institution founded by Jerry Falwell), his preconceptions were in fact wrong, and most at Liberty University didn't seem to care all that much that he was gay.

But then he truly crossed the line when he dared to venture the idea that not all on the left are perfect moral paragons with impeccable levels of psychological and emotional centeredness, but sometimes -- get this -- demonstrate their own form of ugly hostility to those perceived as The Other:

The world and the people in it are really wonderful with just a smidge of ugliness about them. I think the really vocal anti-gay Christians display this smidge, but I also think the really vocal anti-Christian gays display it as well.

In resisting the activist homosexuals' demands that young Mr. Ambrosino be tarred, feathered, and run out of the Web on a rail, Klein demonstrated the operation of a law of combat that operates at all times and in all venues, including politics:

Success Breeds Failure.

Denunciations and condemnations for "homophobia," "racism," and other imagined offenses have worn out their target audiences. However, those slinging them have become habituated to them because of their previous efficacy. The tribes that wield those epithets -- used quite as often to keep their own "members" on the plantation as for any other reason -- haven't yet grasped that their blades have been blunted by overuse.

But anyone stupid enough to think his preference for one orifice over another entitles him to anything from anybody is unlikely to grasp that.

You know, as much as I enjoy women -- their appearances; their locutions; their shopping addiction's contribution to tectonic instability -- I must concede that there are quite a number of vicious women in the world:

A Premier League footballer cleared of gang rape allegations has lashed out at women he sees as targeting wealthy footballers as cash cows.

French international Loic Remy, who plays for Newcastle United, says wannabe WAGs go after players like him for their cash - however they can get it.

'These girls are vicious and greedy,' he told The Sun's Rachel Dale, in his first public comments on his ordeal since he was first arrested nine months ago.

Twenty-seven-year-old Remy was one of three men last year accused of the champagne-fuelled gang rape of a 34-year-old woman at his rented flat in Fulham, West London.

He denied the allegation, and last month the Metropolitan Police finally said there would be no further action taken against him.

He admitted he should have been smarter, but said: 'When you're a footballer, single and want to have fun, you can have any girl you want.

'Before it was not like that. I see things that make me afraid. I see these girls - what they can do.'

Doing your bit to get a little back for the Sisterhood from that nasty old White Male Capitalist Patriarchy, eh, Brittie birds? Never mind that Remy is black and was born into poverty. Never mind that all the forensic evidence was in his favor. He has it; they wanted it. As with Crystal Gail Mangum, the idea of a false rape allegation just popped out of the slot.

(Never mind which slot. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

I mustn't close this tirade without noting our race and ethnicity activists' most recent contribution to world peace:

As the #BBUM movement gained traction at the University and attention across the nation, one student began working behind the scenes to tackle diversity from inside the classroom.

Public Policy junior Carly Manes, an LSA representative on the CSG Assembly and current CSG presidential candidate for FORUM, has met with University administrators since October to reform LSA’s Race and Ethnicity requirement, gathering a coalition of student activists along the way to promote the cause.

The group met Tuesday night to draft an initial proposal for a new “identity requirement” — its official name is still in the works — which the group’s members will present to the LSA Curriculum Committee on March 18.

The proposal is two-pronged: aiming to both expand the breadth of classes that satisfy the current R&E requirement as well as implement the component into the curriculum of all University colleges.

“It would highlight and it would focus on intersectionality as the core component of the educational model,” Manes said. “So, insuring that intersectionality is highlighted in every class that counts for this new requirement.”

According to Manes, intersectionality is meant to envelop a number of identity-based themes including sexuality, gender expression, religion, documentation status and race.

(Applause to our favorite Graybeard for the link.)

When it suits race, sex, and ethnicity activists, "we are all the same." Race is a fiction; sex is a social construct, and everyone is an immigrant from somewhere else. But when there's an opportunity to seize the brass ring of political power -- and don't kid yourself; political power exists in many institutions nominally outside of formal government and politics -- those things come roaring back, objective and irrefutable totems before which all must kowtow.

Michigan taxpayers had better know about this. Particularly the ones who've sent their progeny to the University of Michigan in the belief that its former reputation as one of America's top "institutions of higher learning" continues to apply today.

A few closing thoughts about the victimism / entitlement syndrome illustrated above:

  • It's everywhere. You can no longer get away from it.
  • It generally goes unchallenged, which is why it's important to take up cudgels against it.
  • Challenge a mouthy victimist only in the midst of rational types, never when he's surrounded exclusively by his fellows. This is especially important if you left your gun at home.
  • In all such encounters, define victory as embarrassing the living daylights out of the victimist. Don't imagine that you can persuade him away from his conceit; it's been embossed on his soul.
  • Refuse to allow the subject to be diverted from what the victimist claims is owed to him and those like him, and why. You're not demanding anything; he is.
  • Remember that the alternative is surrendering the field to the victimists. It comes with consequences. I doubt you'd like them.

Have a nice day.


Bailey said...

Goodness, Mr Poretto, we are simply beset on all sides now, aren't we? It just gets worse and worse, and there seems to be a vanishingly small list of solutions left available to us.
It would seem that the easy fixes are long gone off the table, and what is left are the hard choices, the long-term options, the expensive remedies.
I suspect the point at which all these stresses culminate will be epic.

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Your blog is fascinating.

chipmunk said...

True, all of it. Makes me crazy