Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Annoying Windows 10 upgrade messages.

Info about a helpful bit of freeware to stop those upgrade messages is here:

"How to Remove the “Get Windows 10” Icon from Your System Tray (and Stop Those Upgrade Notifications)." How-To-Geek. 5/23/16.

I ran the Never10 utility and it appears to have stopped those upgrade notices. I haven't been able to get it to delete the Windows 10 files secretly downloaded to my hard drive. The utility tells me that some of the files are in use and to restart and try again. The utility tells the same thing after I reboot so it looks like I'm stuck with about 1.7MB of those files.

The link above states:

Never10 was developed by well-respected security researcher Steve Gibson, which means it’s trustworthy and contains no adware, viruses, or other assorted malware nastiness up its sleeve. Basically, it acts as a frontend for Microsoft’s hidden settings that prevent the Windows 10 upgrade.
FYI. Use at your own risk.

UPDATE (6/29/16):

The developer of GWX Control Panel invited me to check it out as an alternative removal tool. Commenter Eskyman at Liberty's Torch says it's a good program.

Also, commenter Carol at Liberty's Torch says merely removing Windows update KB3035583 solved the problem for her.

Commenter Rick C. flirts with heresy by saying just upgrade.


KG said...

The Microsoft we all know and love, eh?
Which is why I just installed Linux Mint in the spare computer...and it took all of ten minutes at that.

Carol said...

Go to Windows Updates, Installed Updates, Search for KB3035583. Delete it. Then hide it to prevent it from downloading again. Worked for me.

Eskyman said...

I have a small freeware program called GWX Control Panel that I like a lot.

It removes all the hidden files (hidden why? Because Win10 is malware) and also prevents the installation of Win10 files. Highly recommended, I've been using it for 3 or 4 months now and I am happily free of Win10! It also stops the popup windows.

Available from MajorGeeks and many other outlets:

Rick C said...

You know how you get Windows to stop nagging you to upgrade? Stop listening to kooks like Steve "I write my code in 100% assembly language, even on Windows, because it's so much faster" Gibson, and just upgrade.

And then turn off all the advertising options.

Col. B. Bunny said...

KG, I've been tempted by the Linux option but have held back because I have doubts about how all my software would behave and yet another learning curve to surmount. I've got my hands full with much video and photography software just now. Maybe non-critical apps at first on a cheapo machine....

Carol, I didn't know you could just delete an update. Thanks. A developer sent me an email about another downloadable app which I will add to my post.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks Carol, Eskyman and Rick C. Please see updated post.

KG said...

I inherited an old Windows box which was good for very little and installed Mint on that, Colonel. The learning curve is nowhere near as tough as I expected and in fact a lot of fun.
Mind you, I don't have any complex programs to worry about.....