Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quickies: A Continuation Of Civil War By Other Means

     Dystopic has written further on the tactics of the “social justice warrior” (SJW). As is usual at The Declination, it’s a piece filled with information and ideas, and deserves to be read in its entirety. However, I’ll excerpt a bit of it here for my own purposes:

     The point is, everything that SJWs do revolves around attacking your income. And every normal human being on Earth, without exception, has done something, said something, tweeted something or otherwise that could be spun into a Social Justice crusade. Perhaps you wore dreadlocks as a white guy? Maybe you attended an art show featuring a painting of kimono-clad people? Maybe you made a cheap joke about USB dongles?

     And maybe you donated to an anti-SJW political initiative. Let’s not forget that one.

     SJWs are losing the battle for public opinion as the Internet allows conservatives and libertarians to find one another and band together. If they can’t win our hearts and minds, they must attack us as individuals – render us afraid to take a stand against them for fear of personal or familial losses we cannot withstand. They like to attack our incomes – our employability, really – because it’s most individuals’ most vulnerable point.

     Attacking individuals’ ability to earn and prosper is barely a step short of attacking them with bullets and knives. If I may use a somewhat threadbare phrase, it displaces the politics of persuasion via facts and reasoning with the politics of personal destruction – a Leftist specialty.

     Tactically, this is gaining them ground in the short term. Strategically, it will ultimately cost them everything. Most Americans are fair-minded regardless of their political positions. They believe in freedom of speech and opinion. In the end, the nation will turn on the SJW cadres for their amorality. The consequences won’t be pretty.

     Our challenge is surviving the short term. To that end, Dystopic’s suggestions are important ones. Consider them seriously.

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Anonymous said...

The culture war is going guerrilla. A key concept of which is to blend in. Be subversive to the subversives by appearing to be 'one of them' or at least 'a friend' or 'no threat'. There are myriad ways to do this to muddy the waters and to help protect your employment. The larger the company you work for the easier it is to play the game.