Saturday, June 11, 2016

Quickies: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

     If you remember this brief piece, you might have taken an interest in the output of CLFA's members. Some of it I’ve already read, and it’s mostly worthy. I’ll report as I proceed through the rest of it.

     BUT: To engage with the members, one must join Facebook. I detest Facebook. It’s for children and idiots. Nothing of genuine significance ever happens on Facebook. What does happen – to me, at least – is a lot of spam.

     I was briefly a member a couple of years ago. “Briefly” meaning for one day. In that one day, the BLEEP!ing spam nearly drowned me. So I deleted my account. But to converse with the CLFA members, I had to join again...which I did, earlier today.

     Great God in heaven! The spam is worse than ever, and my filters, which are among the strongest I’m aware of, seem unable to keep it out. And the supposed “friend requests,” nearly all of which appear to be spam themselves!

     I’ll hang in there for at least one more day. After that, I suppose we’ll see. But I’m already regretting this – and I hope the other members of the CLFA have a sense for what their dependence on Facebook could ultimately cost them.

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Linda Fox said...

The spam is lessened if you keep your profile private, reject unsolicited "friend" requests, and learn to use the Privacy settings judiciously (set to NO for: news, game requests, etc.).

I do use it to keep up with far-flung friends and relatives. I do enjoy seeing pictures of them, as well as being informed of their lives.

See if there is a Google + group that you could join instead - many groups have both, and post simultaneously.

I seldom use Twitter for the same reason you don't FB.